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Disclaimer: ‘Fallen’ contains numerous (intentional or otherwise) allusions. The author of ‘Fallen’ (myself, Rock Happens) does not own anything alluded to.

Copyright: All of the work is the author’s original. Please do not plagiarize, copy, perform, record (audio or visual or otherwise), print, modify, or use in other form (than reading) without express written consent from the author (Rock Happens). To gain consent or report any violation of the above actions, please contact the author: [email protected]. Thank you.

July 30, '13: WOW! Has it really been almost three years since my last update?! Holy, moly! But I just posted a little something up, so, go forth and read!

September 18, '10: I AM ALIVE, PEOPLE! The fact that I haven't updated in over six months...well, it's shitty, really. I've been travelling, finding myself and what-not. But I am sorry about any disappointment that my lack of updating has caused, if there is any. I'm gonna be up front about this: I probably won't get around to updating till winter break. So, a big thanks to everyone's who's been reading, waiting patiently or otherwise and dropping in lines (even if it is hate mail). Speaking of reviews, I think I owe people, so please just let me know whom and I will review when update next. Thanks again and merry reading.

March 02, '10: Let me just say: 'Wow, that was so not two weeks'. 'Dunno' has been taken down, it started reeking like old fish on the sidewalk on a hot summer day...yeah. And for those of you who stuck it out through this drought, you shall be rewarded very, very soon. Thanks to all the people who read my work, it always me makes me happy to see someone, somewhere out there is taking their time and reviewing. (for some reason this all sounds poetic...or maybe it's just me... "/)

February 01, '10: Alright, guys! I'm gonna be pretty busy for a while now and don't know when I can get around to updating after this. Right now, I'm looking at a two week absence so I depart with another chapter added on to 'Fallen'. Reviews will be appreciated and reciprocated. And if I owe anyone reviews, please feel free to PM and let me know. Thanks!

January 30, '10: Blah, it's just been one of those weeks. From filling out job applications to fighting unwanted pests in my bedroom (fuck ants), I haven't gotteen around to posting the new chapter till now. And a big thanks to all the readers/reviewers for pointing out my stupid mistakes - where would the world be with them (the reviewers and the mistakes ;) ? And fear not, I shall be returning any overdue reviews very, very soon. Oh, and could a MS Word genius please PM me, I need help with getting rid of the lines that pop in when you type in a bunch of hypens and hit enter. Much appreciated :) Writting up the chapters has been slow and fast: they pop up in my head at random times and never in order. So although I have the hundreth (not really) chapter typed up, I still have to work on the fourth. So, yeah, bare with me guys.

January 22, '10: I've decided to make this a weekly thing: New chapters will be posted once a week by the end of Saturday. If not, there will be a fair warning ahead of time (and if there's not then you can safely assume I'm either a) battling for life in a hospital or b) living in a cave and cannot afford internet). As promised, Chapter 2 is up (the Muses took pity on me) but I'm fairly certain it is crawling with errors. And that's where you come in my lovely readers - review!

January 19, '10: Gasp! Chapter 1 for 'Fallen' is up and running! I think this is some kind of record. I will try to get the next chapter in by the end of the week - it all depends on how well my Muses co-operate with me... Enjoy!

UPDATE: The prologue and first chapter of 'Fallen' have been re-re-edited. It should be void of errors now but if you do catch any, drop in a line and I shall get to it. Thanks!

January 18, '10: Alright, 'Dunno' is on hiatus because, frankly, I'm stuck in a rut with that one. I can't think of something original, every idea seems to be taken. So until I have a moment of epiphany, it is on hold indifferently. That being said, I had a 'shower epiphany' (epiphany had in a shower ;) and came up with a new idea. The super short prologue is up but a heads-up: this one isn't turning out to be a fluffy, romance story. The content might be too deep/heavy for some readers but I'd be more than happy to help you out if confused. Please review and let me in on your thoughts. Thanks.

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Love reviews
What it means to be in love.
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Fallen reviews
There was look in her eyes, one not even he could name. "Our paths may have crossed, yes. But they may never intertwine," her voice was soft and her eyes steeled over. And that was that.
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This one's very open-ended, originally written as a song but there's no band, and can be interpreted in any way by the reader. Please feel free to drop in any questions, comments, concerns, etc. aka criticism.
Poetry: Love - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 175 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 10/20/2009
Its self-explainatory, I suppose. And of course, open to crticism.
Poetry: Life - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 109 - Published: 10/20/2009 - Complete
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Written for a club but never turned in. Open to crticism, as always.
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It was written when I was in the dark-ages, so it's slightly morbid.
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