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Hi!! My name is Nicole. But I would prefer if you called me Red or Der ((RG nickname!!)).

Here are more infos about me:

#I love red & black.

#I like anime (Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Question, and Prince of Tennis!!)

#I love the Harry Potter books and the Inheritance cycle. Plus the Chronicles of Narnia.

#I love chocolate and cakes. I do not like candies!! No lie…

#I love singing but dislike dancing.

Oh yeah!! Here...

-October 31 (birthday)

Just read on and click the link... go on... it's fun there... just go and click it... click this... The Review Game !!

Want something exciting?? Go to the Review Marathon !!

I don't like people who assume they know so much about a person they barely even talked to. I also don't like people who don't like me... unless they'll like me.

I love Fall Out Boy, Click 5, and SpongeCola. I love Marie Digby's and Ashley Tisdale's songs. I am a fan of book... J.K. Rowling and Christopher Paolini.

I'm not girly and I'm certainly not a lesbian. But I am not mad at them or anything. I prefer less showy clothes but still trendy.

I love apples, mangoes, and bananas.

I play the piano and the guitar. I draw a bit and stuff...

I am crazy if I am bored and feel like being bored... (huh?) I am quiet if I am in a gathering with people I don't know... (not so social.) I am loud and funny when I'm with my best friends and friends.

I might suck in writing stories but I am really trying to improve!!

I am mean and really bad when I am angry. I forgive but never forget.

I blabber nonsense when I want to... Just like right now... Wahhh.

Story Updates:

My Granddad - umm... I know not much people really like this... but i really want to finish it!! Anyway, Chapter 4 will be posted on either tuesday or wednesday... which ever day I finish it...

And the Chapter 5 might pe posted next week... I'm trying to put in the whole reason of his developing paranioa into it, and I hope you'd understand the whole thing. The Chapter 5 will be the actual beginning of the story... new characters and new issues will be added.

I really hope you read it and review!! D

Upcoming Stories:

Orchard Valley Series: #1: Black&Red – Phielle just moved in Orchard Valley, a beautiful small town full… of apples. There’s only one school there and it’s Orchard Valley High. She has to fix her problems in love. She met this guy online who also lives there… There’s this other guy who she met at the beach. Who’ll she pick? Oh, there’s this other jerk that’s always teasing her. Just thought I should tell.

Undead – Born on an equinox, died instantly, and resurrected by the taste of human blood. A girl that was supposed to live a normal human life grew up in the hands of a powerful but harsh vampire of a mother. She grew up pale and gorgeous. She grew up to be a vampire. And he? He was born and was turned into one, centuries ago. The old type of vampire that haunted the medieval times was ruddy and was incapable of controlling their lust for blood. Together they will meet and together they will fight and defeat enemies while discovering truth about their past. Oh… there’s more.

Baby Doll - It's a simple baby doll... with a smile on its face... with a scary face. It laughs, it cries, it talks, and it moves too. Unfortunately, it moves not because it was design to... it moves because it needs... wants... to kill.

Surviving the Island - This story will be about three teenagers stranded in an island. They will need to know how to survive their dangerous new habitat. And the sins of love... for they will meet three shipwrecked guys, also stranded a few days later they finally settle in. They need to avoid danger, survive the whispers at night, and live while teaching their hearts love.

Completed Stories:

Roses – Christina has loved only one guy all her life and she can’t keep it anymore. This is how she tells him and end up with what she doesn’t expect.

Laugh, Cry, get Angry... but always make sure... you won't get crazy!!

P.S. à Kakashi in Naruto just looks soooo cute. (Just thought I had to share that.)


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