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Im being who I want to be, not what everyone else wants me to be. I'm starting to live my life in a way that I want to. You wanna try and change me? Go right ahead because darling, that ain't happening. (I know this is kind of mean but it's the truth.)

Well howdy there. You have just entered the land of Francilla Marie. I do hope that you enjoy this wonderful land of wonderfulness.


Color: PURPLE!!

Food: uh... GOOD FOOD!

Place: Europe! (It's one of my many goals to go there).

Music: Just about anything.

Weakness: MY THOUGHTS! (gotta hate/ love them)

Books: Go Ask Alice, Willow- Julia Hoban, Undone- Brooke Taylor, Generation Dead- Daniel Waters, Wintergirls- Laurie Halse Anderson, Evernight series- Claudia Gray, The Fire Within and Icefire- Chris D'Lacey

I write about things that usually hit people hard. To me happy stories don't seem real. I feel that sad stories, where little goes right, are more real then the story where a little something happens and then ends all happy.

Also, I'm sorry if it takes me forever to update! I'm writing multiple things, plus helping with Behind Locked Mind (look below) then it's summer now and I'm super busy. If you really want me to update on one of my stories that I haven't updated in awhile, please leave a review or send me a PM. Also Feel free to review, I really would love to hear your output! And I'll try to look at your writing as well.


~Francilla Marie



Immy's (Imminent Paradox) computer currently has a virus and her email is once again acting up so we might not be updating for awhile. We are so so so so so very sorry about this and are hoping that everything is fixed as soon as possible!


Me and my darling friend Imminent Paradox are making a wonderous story-journal thing together. It's going to be a compilation of a ton of different journal entries, all from different teenagers. They can be in any form- they can sound like a real diary entry, or like a story, or like a poem. Whatever it is, it has to be about your life, or about something really big that has affected your life in some way. Just express yourself!


All me and my dear friend will do is proofread your wonderous submissions and check for grammer and what not. PLUS! PLUS! PLUS!! It's all anonymous!! And don't worry we wont tell a soul who wrote what!

Now if you would like to do this all you have to do is type, type, type and them send it through that lovely computer to one of us! Also add a possible title and if we can publish this in the future. (highly doubtful but hey we can dream!)

Also it will all be located on Imminent Paradox's site. Just go up there and search away!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this!

Francilla Marie



As some of you may know, we're hoping to MAYBE one day publish this Behind Locked Minds thing as a book. Even if we don't... we're having a contest. You see, we want the ending of the book/FP story to end in a poem. We were thinking about how to do that, and we thought, "Hey, let's have a contest and see what the wonderful people of the world can come up with!"

So yeah... here's the contest rules:
-It MUST be a poem
-Last words MUST be "behind locked minds"
-We prefer to have no cuss words in it (PLEASE!)

The deadline for this will be when we get to the end of BLM! We are planning on that being at about 100 entries. It you wish to send something in please send it to Immy or myself. Also put at the top that it is for the poem ending.

If you have any questions feel free to PM myself or Immy!

Thank you all who plan to send something in!

~Francilla Marie!

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