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In case you think you've seen me somewhere before, you probably have. I keep the same penname everywhere I go, so I'm Dracoqueen22 pretty much everywhere. I publish fiction under the penname Nicole Wilkinson.

I have several accounts at several places, but this is only the second place I'm posting my original fiction. I decided to give this site a try, hoping for some feedback and generally getting my writing out there. I feel I have stories to share and tales to tell, so hopefully, you can find something you like.

I write in a mixture of genres, though I tend to focus on Fantasy. I wrote both heterosexual and homosexual pairings, though they will be marked as such in that case. My works vary in their appropriateness of age, and I will also mark these.

Some other links you might find interesting:

Livejournal: dracoqueen22(.)livejournal(.)com AND n_wilkinson(.)livejournal(.)com

Fanfiction Home: crya2evans(.)tripod(.)com

Original Fiction Home: www(.)nicolewilkinsonwrites(.)com

Archive of Our Own: archiveofourown(.)org(/)users(/)dracoqueen22

Tumblr: dracoqueen22(.)tumblr(.)com AND nicolewilkinsonwrites(.)tumblr(.)com

I will list stories to come here soon.

For now, please enjoy what I do have available and I desire feedback above all else. I'm going to try and become a contributing member of this community, so recommendations for stories to read are also welcome. Thanks

Publication News:

The Seeker -- (Fantasy Adventure) www(.)amazon.com(/)dp(/)B00JK4TPDA

It was marked as the end of an era and the beginning of a new age. It was a sign that Normaud had advanced from its history of barbarism and deceit. The Seeker abandoned her sword and shield, ending a line that had served the monarchy for centuries.

Now, decades later, someone has taken the heirs of Normaud. Only the Seeker can find them, emerging from her self-imposed retirement to take up the blade once more.

Normaud's enemies are many, and time is against her, but the Seeker will do what she must to see the heirs restored to their rightful place, even if it means surrendering her own life.

$8.99 for print and $3.99 for digital from Amazon and Createspace Publishing

Monster -- (Fantasy) --www(.)amazon(.)com(/)Monster-Nicole-Wilkinson(/)dp(/)099143112X(/)

They say that there’s a monster in these woods; Hadrian’s heard it all his life. But it's only a myth, a warning given to children by exasperated parents. The fog-choked woods behind the village are vast and empty. There are nothing but animals beneath the trees.

Then, a villager is found dead, and life takes an unexpected turn. The woods are suddenly much more sinister. To prove himself and his courage, Hadrian must venture there alone.

Only to discover that the monster is more real than imagined. And it takes a very familiar form.

$8.99 for print and $3.99 for digital from Amazon and Createspace Publishing


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