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Hello, some of the animes and shows I've liked were Nana, Beck:MCS (I'm a bass player in a rock band), Ouran Host Club, Avatar, Stargate Atlantis, FireFly, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Andromeda, Farscape, Roswell, and of course most of the Star Trek series, although I adamantly deny being a "Trekkie" or anime fan by any connotation of the word.

After the Roswell series stopped airing, a group of dedicated fans and I created Roswell The Final Chapter where we wrote a virtual continuation of the show. We had a great time writing, editing, and hosting two entire additional seasons, although it only exists in bits and pieces on the 'net today.

Historically I haven't been an avid fiction novel reader, however recently have found myself intrigued by Dan Brown and Dean Koontz, among others. "By The Light Of The Moon" was an awesome book. I've read some Steven King also, and it's just not my thing... I enjoy the historical element of it, but most of his stuff does little else for me. (There's a bookmark still in "Different Seasons" at the part where the boy helps the old man bury bodies in the basement... never read any further, lol.)

One of the most memorable movies I can recall is "Explorers," a 1985 epic adventure about three vastly different young boys who build their own spacecraft and run smack-dab into aliens (whom are equally as terrified yet curious.) I've always been intrigued by any and all sci-fi stuff, but side with plausible realities. Implausible, grandiose impossibilities are a big turn-off in my book. It's a fine line between "good" sci-fi and a steaming pile of excrement, and my hope is to avoid the latter.

I am also not a "fan" of any of these shows, or even any particular group, label, or human being, since the word "fan" is short for "fanatic." If one simply steps out of context and thinks about the act of fanaticism itself (the lost sleep, the anxiety, the disillusionment), then it becomes apparent that being fanatical is an irrational state of mind. Therefore it should be entirely possible to enjoy an author's work without one's mental stability coming into question.

As for my desired writing style, I'm not really predispositioned into shipping, slashing, AU's or beating anyone up, although some experimentation is always helpful and entertaining. I'd like to start practicing characterization, I think that is so important. I just want to spin some relatable, good, clean, humorus fun. I'd intended to write fanfic for some of these shows at the sister site, but just never seemed to find the time. So maybe I'll try my hand at a few short (original) stories and see where it goes.

I'm 36, from Ohio, would love to visit Japan although I can't speak the language yet, and yeah, I guess I'm somewhat of a perfectionist. I probably make a better beta than a writer, but I'd like to try my hand at spinning a few fics anyways. I'd enjoy teaming up with someone and hammering out a group project together. As far as current stories go, I have a few plot ideas on the back-burner and one large, unfinished SGA fic shelved and collecting dust. Some ideas have been floating around for longer than I'd care to admit... but as the old adage goes, a fine wine only gets better with age, right?

Thanks for reading,
C. T.

P.S. the image was sketched in 2007 using Shi Painter. I'm not an artist, by any means of the word. But I like art. And like most everything else in life, wish there was time to explore it all.

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