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The Basics

I live in a run-down, small town full of old people, where the side walks are almost nonexistent so we walk on the streets and run in packs.

I walk with swag down my schools halls as a bamf; otherwise known as a sophomore c: (and by that I mean I graduated yeeaars ago and this profile is so old oh my god)

My dream is to publish a well reviewed story, be it on here,, or an actual book.

I've got odd quirks, am odd myself, and love odd people (but I dislike odd numbers xDD Wtf?)

I wanna make some BEBEZ, I wanna get it ON I wanna make you hornyyy, but I can't get it upp

BONJOUR, JE M'APPELLE SAN, OU LOLLI, JE PARLE FRANCAISE ET ANGLAISE ;u; Lawl. Un peu. In my life writing is...that weird uncle everyone likes, but barely shows up in my list of hobbies. My muse is very elusive, soo :D

I really hate people who post a story then don't update for yeeaarrrs, so I'm going to try and not let that happen to anything I put up. If it does...well, it won't. That's easier. (Note from the future: LUL. Oh god. Dying here.)

I'm a shy, boisterous person, and if it takes me a while to reply to a review (OMJ. Lolli gets those? NO WAY. XD), it's because I'm freaking out and doing a creepy flail/happy dance. So yup :3 Once you get past that, I'm a very scary person, but I won't eat your soul 'til later, promise :DD That line from Mindless Self Indulgence's song 'Get It Up' pretty much sums up normal everyday chitchat with me :3


Lul, another side note, if you're hoping to my page from a review I left on your story, and my review is incomplete in anyway, fictionpress was probably being an asshat and cut it off. Seriously, I've written so many reviews that were epic and three paragraphs long (because I'm a very wordy person u;; hehe), and I go to look at the reviews for the story, and only the first three words are there! ;o; It's heartbreaking! But cha, sorry peeps if my reviews make no sense ;w; Blame fp.



-sniffle- ;n;

In Progress:

The Cursed: Ch.1 up. Ch.2 up. Ch.3 barely started (Dec. 25, '10)

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