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ahem Terribly sorry about that, all; I'm afraid my inner madwoman is acting up again. sigh Such an annoyance. Ah, well-que sera sera and all that.

In any event, welcome again to my page. My name is (obviously) V.M. Stone, and I daresay I am quite possibly going to be the most neurotic and obsessive young writer you will ever have the misfortune to know. Thankfully, unlike most of my contemporaries (note on that: anyone who mentions the words "Stephanie Meyer" "Shakespeare" "brilliant" and "ZOMGZ EDWRDS SEW HAWT" in the same sentence in my presence shall be summarily keelhauled), I'm rather good at it, so people put up with me. And I do write rather addictive stories, if I do say so myself. The only problem is that I tend to write twenty or so of them at the same time-meaning I rarely update regularly. So if you read my work, be forewarned that the first twelve chapters will engross you to the point of no return-and that you will not see the thirteenth chapter for the next increasingly frustrating six months. Turn away now. It's your last chance.

Ah, so you've stayed? Brave soul. I could use more characters like you. Of course, I could use more of any kind of characters. For some reason, don't ask me why, they always seem to be avoiding me and their duties to the plot. Something about madness, physical scarring, and a death toll, I believe. tsk Cowards. How dare they try to go all union-y on me. A few third-degree burns never hurt anybody...too much.

I work across the board, though I specialize primarily in that perpetually estranged pair of genre siblings, Forensic Mystery and Dark Fantasy. I also enjoy playing around with historical fiction (must be a remnant of my PotC fanfiction days when I was thirteen, back when I thought trollz and roastings happened only to other people. dreamily Ah, I was so young and naive...), though recently I've met with great success in the contemporary area. I'm not much for poetry, but apart from that I write in every medium I can, from full novels to musicals to television scripts. I hope to eventually publish the lot, but for now shrug, tip of the hat they remain your sources of pleasure-or sources of kindling, whatever you see fit. I am no trembling n00b, ye trollz and flamers. Good writers: Do your worst. Be as horribly picky as you please, I shall bow to your whims (can't beat 'em, join 'em, as they say). Bad ones: By all means, do the same. Just don't be surprised if I return the favor. :) And nutjobs, twihards, ZOMGbies all: Please review. Please. I do adore a good laugh.

Fair thee well, m'dears, for I am off. Adieu!




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