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About Lady:

I write purely for my own amusement, and slightly in the hopes that I might amuse someone else. I'll warn anyone who's bothering right now that I often fail in my attempts to be clever and amusing, so please don't be too upset if I get cheesy. :

I'm currently a college junior, which means that I have no plans for a new part of my life that I can hardly prepare for. I live where the weather changes a lot. I read more and faster than almost anyone I know. I read way too deeply into things. I like silly, romantic, cliche, cheesy, adorable things that make you go "awww!". I'm insane about spelling and grammar in my writing; it has to be right or I won't publish. I'm annoyingly tall. I've just told you more than you will ever need to know, or care, about me.

You now know so much, and so little.

But, you know what they say, being vague is almost as much fun as doing this other thing.

Update Log:


Miracles abounding! I updated a new chapter on my FanFiction account! Now, don't be too overwhelmingly excited, just mosey on over quietly and have yourself a little read. I'd super duper appreciate it. Like, you don't even know.


I plan to write more things! I really do. I actually have a wonderful idea in my head, but I have many things to work on, so it's going to take a while. For now, maybe amuse yourself over at my FanFiction account? Yes do.


I am also on! So please go and check out story, What Keeps Us Apart, over there! My penname there is CleverDeception, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on both my stories on either site. Really.

profile link!


Flawless: I enjoy this one-shot...a lot. I still don't know where the inspiration for such a story came from, but I think it's quirky and therefore I like it. Maybe because I see quite a bit of my anal-retentiveness in Kyla, because I tend to need to fix popped collars and untied shoes all the time. Haha.

Status: It's complete. :)

Not My Bed: A (very) short story inspired by my own inane thoughts after a late-night movie. If this ever happens to you, stay where you are. Avoid following through. Things could get sticky. ;)

Status: Completed.

Suburban ATM: Well if this ever happens to anyone at all, I honestly hope it happens where there are no security cameras, because that would be so awkward. Regardless, this one might be my favorite. I love reviews too if you feel like it!

Status: One-shot, complete.

21 or 17?: Funny story...the people who inspired this story...yeah turns out that "17" was actually not that age...sorry to ruin that for anyone who really liked that story. Hahaha. But he looked like it! And anyway, the whole point was about Mr. 19 after all, isn't it?

Status: One-shot, complete.

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Sometimes silly behavior has unintended consequences, and people end up a little closer than they meant to be. Sometimes, everything turns out a little better than expected. One-Shot.
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Perfect, awkward moments can happen at any time, especially when and where you least expect them. Emily learns this fact on a short errand to the bank, and she'll probably never view ATM machines the same way again. One-Shot
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