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Hello, all. I am E. G. Stone and, since I'm fairly terrible at writing about myself, I'll tell you about my stories.

Edit as of 19 Nov 2017: The Crow and the King is available to purchase on Amazon! Search for the title and my name (E.G. Stone) and there it'll be!. Not yet available for Kindle, though that is in progress.

The E String: PUBLISHED ON AMAZON. A murder mystery about a blind man, a young girl and a mostly useless police inspector, The E String is by far my best work. I have made it available on Amazon in print format and kindle format in many different countries. If you're interested, just search for the title and it should show up. I would appreciate any feedback or recommendations to others on this book. Thank you so much for your support!

Wings of a Dragon: My first story on here, this was completed quite a while ago. I keep it up as a testimony to how much I have improved (that and, while the writing is iffy and some of the plot is beyond cliche and the ending confuses even me, I like the story). It is about a girl named Laura who discovers, on the eve of the burning of her village, that she has magic. She goes on a quest to figure out who she is and in the process, gets mixed up with a need to save the world and herself from a terrible enemy.

Murder of the Trees: This story is incomplete (but may be completed at some point if people show an interest in it). It follows Louisa Redman, a disillusioned well-to-do girl on the cusp of adulthood who gets involved with a group of rebels intent on taking down the government for the betterment of society. She learns about herself and about people in the process of infiltrating the government and discovers that things are not as they seem.

The Crow and the King: This story is by far my favourite on here. I wrote this after returning from a trip across the pond where I started thinking about this story. I put it into words and this is what happened. Crow is a blacksmith for the royal family of Iona, masquerading as a girl to keep practising her trade as well as hide from a dark past. In the process of earning her mastership, Crow befriends the moody Prince Alexander and the affable knight Sir Leon and learns about herself and the life of a woman that she has missed, all in the process of falling desperately in love.

Seaward Bound: This is my more modern romance, set in a small town in Maine. Diana Ross, a journalist who was recently hired by Entropy Magazine, is instructed to get an interview with the reclusive and abrupt Craig Lloyd as a hazing ritual. With the introduction of her jailbird brother's son, Ezekiel, Diana has to figure out what she is doing in life and, more importantly, what Craig Lloyd is doing in her life. Not my favourite story, but it has grown on me.

Cat's Paw: Follow Victoria Wells, who recently discovered that she is a werecat. She moves to Seattle in the hopes of living a quiet life and figuring out her new powers and comes in contact with Adam Grant, wizard, who, quite literally, destroys her workplace. In the process of training to become a wizard, Victoria gets entangled with demons and fanatic wizards, werewolves and alley cats. Unfortunately for her, things are not quite what they appear and maybe she's in over her head.

Jazz Summer: A short story set in 1927. Teddy Donegal is a bartender in the notorious speakeasy, The Black Cat. The Cat is owned by a man with his thumb on the pulse of the city. He is mobster Bobby Stallone. When Bobby gets murdered, Teddy, who wanted nothing more than to be a musician, is caught up in the midst of love affairs gone wrong and incorruptible detectives. Soon, it becomes up to him to put a stop to the murderer, at the price of maybe getting shot. Despite its length, I really quite like this story. I suppose that I could make it longer, but I don't think I will. I like it just as it is.

Steal the Moon: Ana deMarque: retired thief. Well, sort of. She's brought out of retirement to run one last con for the man who caught her. Except, this isn't a simple con, where the mark is obvious and easy. This time, good is wrong, wrong is right, and, add in an old partner who just might be in love with her, a very dangerous Russian, and the woman in charge of the local organised crime, and everything is turned on its head. This story is a lot more complicated than my others, and half the time, I wasn't quite sure who the guilty party was. But I think, all things considered, it turned out well.

Thief's Honour: Sequel to Steal the Moon. This story is set not long after Ana and Seth start their new lives. Only Seth gets caught up in his past, revealing things about himself and Ana that neither wanted to come to light. While Ana deals with a man determined on revenge and trying to reap her own brand of justice on the villains in Seth's past, she has to figure out just who she can trust. And this time, things might not go her way. This story takes on a darker tone than its predecessor and the ending is definitely sharp, but on the whole, I like it. The ending sets up the next book, Rules of the Con, which I believe will be a fascinating story to create and write.

The Hounds Keeper: Richard Byrrns is a rich widower who has just bought BelleView estate to get away from the city, and the memory of his dead wife. Drunk and broken, he wants nothing more than peace and solitude to wallow in his grief. What he gets is fiery Eleana, the Hounds Keeper for BelleView. He loves her immediately and just can't help noticing everything in the way of a happy ending for them. But Eleana, silent and magnificent, is not the sort of girl you can just give up. My, this story took a lot longer to write than normal. I'm not sure why, but truthfully, I think taking my time made this a better story than it would have been otherwise. It's also a lot more serious than I intended, but all's well that ends well, right?

The Wooden Rose: Gwen Townsend is a veteran living on the streets of London, still haunted by her nightmares from the Army. When she is picked up by a philanthropist, she is offered a new start and picks a career as a chef. The man responsible for teaching her, Alaric Bennet, is angry and determined to prove that she doesn't fit in. As both fight and converse with each other, they discover that there's quite a lot more than meets the eye. This story... boy. This started out as a light-hearted romance for me to write. It turned into something much deeper and more intense than I imagined. I am rather fond of the characters and their flaws. And while this story has its ups and downs, I am really pleased with how it came out.

Free Convicts: A sci-fi story about Ske'toa, the notorious criminal lord. She wants on the colony ship Prometheus and she gets what she wants. Amelia--Ske'toa--is playing a game of chess that only she understands and everybody, from her right-hand man Robert to the Captain of the ship, Daniil Yegorov, is her pawn. This story came about after some thought and a large dose of watching sci-fi. It is shorter than many of my other stories and it was meant as an experiment for me. I am likely to edit and change this story to make it more in-depth and twisting, but even as it stands, I like it.

Strange Days Ahead: This is a collection of short stories featuring characters from my various books and other writings (both from Fictionpress and not). It starts with an adventure following Tyra and Toby from Cat's Paw and will continue on with many others. I'm writing this mostly to keep in practise while publishing The E String and also for when I suffer from writer's block on my longer stories. I appreciate ideas about what adventures/mishaps should happen and to whom (or even your own characters and stories/ideas, if you want) and will consider most everything. Thanks for helping!

Thank you for reading my stories and I hope that you like them. I would love to hear your feedback and would happily read your stories, if you wish. And thanks so much for all the support. I couldn't have gotten this far without you lovely people.


NOTE: Hey guys! I'm on Inkitt now and have some of my stories up for the Hidden Gems contest (to get one published, hopefully!) If you want to help this happen, please, please, go to inkitt (dot) com and vote for one of my stories. My username is EGStone.

Thank you so much!

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