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Name: Kimberly, but you can call me KittyWoman12, or KittyWoman, or Kitty, or KW... you get the picture.

Age: I'm an adult... DUN DUN DUN. 0.o

Gender: My birth certificate says female. So do the reproductive organs that love to torture me a week out of every month. -_-;;

Favorite Quote: If it's not your cup of tea, don't drink it. (Brought to you all courtesy of me)

Favorite Letter: L... at least in cursive.

Favorite Number: 12

Favorite Element: Earth

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Favorite Anime/Manga: Seriously, this list is too long to put on here without you getting either seriously annoyed or seriously bored with it... seriously.

Likes: Reading, writing, music, the internet, artsy stuff, cats, nature, and helping people... there is more but I don't feel like writing it down.

Dislikes: Mean people, loose strings in socks, tuna noodle casserole, and ants... there is more but... the writing thing... yeah.

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Background: The Story Behind the Story

A Kiss is Bliss but Hell as Well: I created this story in 2009. I came up with the idea randomly one day and wanted to write it out. However, if I had it would have taken me well over a year to complete, time that I didn't have at that moment. So instead I opted to write snip-its of the story and post them. While that made the over all effect somewhat choppy, the most important parts were kept in order to get the gist of how the over all story would have played out.

Cigarettes and Pumpkin Spice: I got the inspiration for this story when I came across the song Contact by Falling Up. Originally I was only going to write one chapter and leave it at that, making it a one-shot. However, my beta (a.k.a. my sister) asked me to continue it, saying that I couldn't just leave it as it was. After other people asked me to do the same thing I decided to expand the story further. What I ended up creating as a result was a story about desire, defiance, and discovering one's self.

Play on Words: This story is the effect of having a character idea and wanting to make a story where he could exist. So I carved out a little place in the world where Justin could merrily (well knowing him, maybe not) live out his life, meet people, and experience new things. The end result is more... interesting than I had originally planned and I am happy with the result. This is a sort of prequel to CaPS.

The Crimson Clover: This story I wrote some years ago for a birthday present to my mother. I wanted to create a story that conveyed a good message, as she was feeling rather low at the time, and came up with the idea for a strong woman that must battle bad guys as well as her own mother. This was also an exercise in seeing how little dialogue I could use in the story. I think the results are pretty good.

Important Note: Any story posted on here is ONLY posted on here. If it is anywhere else on the Internet it has been PLAGIARIZED! So if you find these stories anywhere else please notify the site about it and send me a message. I'd greatly appreciate it. Someone has already tried to get away with such a thing and I really don't want it to happen again.



Holy wow! I haven't updated this in 4 years! So bad of me. Um... so I might be writing a thing? Not sure yet. But I promise if I do, I'll post it!

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Play on Words reviews
In this world of constant irritation I hope to find something that eases my frustration. My friends seem to think a boyfriend would do just that. Realistically though, he'd probably just annoy the shit out of me too. BoyxBoy Slash
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It's not easy being the disappointment of the family. However, Lolly has more important things to worry about than disapproving mothers… like monsters, villains, and good old fashion mayhem. It's a messy job, but someone's got to do it. Thankfully, Lolly wouldn't have it any other way.
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