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I know it's been ages, but I've finally returned. :D

As a result, I'll be continuing on with all my stories on here. For some of the older ones I'll probably be re-posting/replacing the original chapters; I've gone over most of those stories since, and made some edits and corrections and things (this in particular applies to Shadow Future; looking back, I more or less had a '"good gosh, the writing sucks!" moment. So I'm working on bringing that story up to my current standards; as soon as I have it to my liking, I'll re-post all the old chapter. And I hope you'll all re-read them, because they're likely to be radically different).

Basically...everything is going to be amazing again. :D

I did remove some of my stories from here, though. The Kisetsu series has been removed mostly because I'm actually going to publish it, so I can't really leave it up for free. Heh. *sweat drop* The rest are being taken down because the writing's a little shoddy. Which is understandable, since those stories were all started ages ago, and my writing's improved tons since then (Shadow Future is beyond shoddy, but I'm leaving it up for now as a reminder to myself to fix it up and re-post). Anyhow, everything I have on here now I plan on continuing. Until I finish them and am seized by a sudden urge to publish. In which case I'll probably have to take 'em down. But that won't be for a LONG time (if ever) and even when that does happen, I'll buy-copies-from/freeload-off whoever's insane enough to publish me and send you all free copies. XD

Be seeing you all soon!

P.S. Reviews make me happy. :D

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(shounen ai, m/m slash) Kai is haunted by the obsessive love of a fallen angel that won’t let him go in any lifetime. Betrayed, his only hope is to stop the gate of the Abyss from being opened before he succumbs to his dark dreams of a devestating love
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Coeur de la Lune reviews
Jayden is the star player on the university basketball team; Adrian is the "troubled" loner with a dark past. What will happen when they're forced to be study partners? Will the partnership fail, or turn into something more? Warning: Slash
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As the Sun Rises reviews
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