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"One should strive to think much and know little." - Democritus

After all, knowledge in itself - facts, essentially - means nothing without the background given by thought. Thought is what brings emotion into the knowledge of love, is what gives reason to math and science, and is what leads to enlightenment in religion. And thought is what brings us new knowledge. It is the foundation for everything we know. And so in my writing I want to challenge myself and my readers to think, and not know.

Thus you may find that a straight answer is not always to be had in my work. I like to question more than answer, and so you may be forced to come up with some answers yourself.

My name - or at least the name I go by, here - is Ty Scott, and I'm a twenty year-old (male) college student. I'm mostly focusing on mathematics in my studies (in fact I wish to teach high school-level math), but I am also extreemely interested in the study of the humanities, particularly in literature. As such, and due much in part to my honors English classes in high school, I have learned a great deal about writing and the classics. You will probably find my work to be more refined than a lot of what is available on fictionpress (no offense to other authors intended), and though my primary concern - a story currently titled "Among the Stars and Shadows" - is a fantasy, if you look you will find classical touches throughout it. A strange combination, you may think, but if Tolkien pulled it off, so can I. And on that note, I haven't read Tolkien in over five years, so, no - he's not a major influence. Though he did help give me the guts to give this a go!

For anyone who likes my writing and decides to check back in every once in awhile, you should know that my muse is rather capricious... she grants me amazing inspiration when around, but often disappears, aggrivatingly, for long periods of time. With her unreliability and the flood of work that is college, I may not post very frequently. I shall try to get something up as often as I can, so bear with me and have patience! I've actually writen a little semi-autobiographical piece about this muse - feel free to check it out.

Reviews to anything I post are greatly appreciated, and constructive criticism gets brownie points! Don't spend too much time correcting me on Shadows and Starlight though, since it's not anything I'm going to be finishing. Among the Stars and Shadows is the new and improved version.

Now remember, don't worry so much about knowing... take the time to stop and think. "Why" and "How" are so much more interesting that "What", "Where", and "When". Bienvenidos.



I just wrote a short story based on Japanese folktale and written in a kind of folktale style. I really would like suggestions on this one, so please check it out!

All of the following stories are on hiatus: Dolls, An Epic Fantasy, additions to After Copperfield, and Among the Stars and Shadows. The latter will probably not be posted on Fictionpress again, the other two may return in the coming months, but no promises.

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