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Hello, my name is Sarah. I pretty much love all animals and nature. I am one of the two founders of an environmental group DHOLE (Danger! Help Our Languished Environment. Also, the dhole is an animal related to the African Wild dog, in looks, not sure about family. no, it is not d hole.) Which is just a kids/teenagers group, and if you look it up on thew internet you will find nothing about what i am talking about.

Some of my favorite animals, or those i look up most and know most about, are lynxes, wolves, other wildcats, rats, hermit crabs, and dholes themselves. As for pets I have two cats, a small bengal female named Tamika, and the other is half-stray, a big tom named Marble. I have three hermit crabs at the moment, Chrystollo Occhi (Italian for Crystal Eyes) Flame, and Leafstripe (Leaf). My other hermit crabs that have passed away are Dusty, Claw, Rock, and Star. I also had a dog, a greyhound named Socrates, pass away in September. I have three pet rats, a big one named Scorpious, and two smaller but quickly growing ones named Kusa (Japanese for grass) and Rayn. Rats are lovely animals in the wild and as for pets. People hate them for no reason. For example, if you dislike rats, prepare for a lecture to disprove and feeble points you may have against them.

for exaple, the common reasons:
Eww they are dirty!
they bite
they caused the plague
they are deseased
they are stupid.

i am irritated by each of these reasons as they are each untrue. Rats clean themselves for more than half their lives, more than cats, even. This is a human myth brought up by the ignorant who wrongly dislike rats. (again, no offense, not referencing you)
secondly, they do not bite, except rarely. the only time a pet rat would bite is if they are freaked out and see no other option, although even a freaky rat would rarely do such a thing. As for wild rats, they bite more often, but as humans try to kill them without a thought, i think they have more reason, but even a wild rat rarely ever bites.
rats did not cause the plague, they carried the flea that caused it, as anyone who studied history correctly knows. They did not bring the flea either; the fleas came themselves. the only reason the rats became blamed was because people did not like rats ever, although humans lived in dirty conditions at that time, so no one can say rats are dirty, especially then. rats were just one of the only other species who got the plague, and so that should not be blamed.
lastly, whatever you say about rats, no one can think they are stupid. they match and sometimes exceed that of dogs and cats, and would not be alive now if they were as dimwitted as they are treated. thinking about the things humans have done over the years, i think humans cannot say a thing about other species being stupid.

okay, i always write stories about animals. i wrote a 52 page story about a lynx in fourth grade, but i won't post it, because it was terrible and when i make the font twelve each chapter is only half a page, and there are only ten chapters, and in many other ways it is terrible. i also wrote a story about hermit crabs, which i am still editing, but i will post as soon as i am allowed. My current and best one so far is my rat novel. I think I am writing it pretty good, but i don't know whether to post it when i type it, as this is one i someday want to be published. I am only on chapter two, at about page 50 nor something, maybe more, and i think it is so far a good start to a long and suspenseful first novel in a series.

my Lynx story was called silverwhisker the shadowlynx

my hermit crab story is called Fireshells Book one: the tribe of spine. you can read the first, unedited, unsuspenseful chapter at http://

my rat novel is called Shadow Forest~Book One: Smokethorn.

i have no wish to write any stories about humans, so i don't ever want people insulting me because i only write animal stories, as i am not the only one.

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