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Aye Guys!
My name is K.B. in short.

Me, Myself and I:
I am a high school student of course, to graduate next fall a semester early with plans for the Air Force, Culinary School and Firefighting all set and ready. My personality is strong and very, very detailed not to mention a bit layered. What I’m saying is, I’ve got many different likes and loves all of which I’m sure of my self in saying I love them, but you could be friends with me for 7 years and still not know everything. All you really need to know about me are these minor details; I love animals, overly protective of those I'm close too, pretty slightly below average-decent at all I do (from Football to Sketching & Writing) I’m a new model who likes being on both ends of the camera and I am a tomboy.

Getting Into My Head:
I try to spread parts of myself out in my main characters or the ones I’ve created in the Parts Of Me series that entails multiple books with their own story lines that you just might find connecting parts to if you’re smart enough ;) Now you are probably wondering, where are these said stories? In my head, and I can honestly tell you that I most likely will never get to writing them no matter how much I want to. If you would like to work with me on one of these stories then please PM me and we can become partners.

What I Can Offer You:
Have you gotten stuck without a story idea or in your dead fic? Ask me for help then! I’ve got plenty of ideas and can work with you through your writers block, because it always can just take a person from the outside to fix the problem. I am also very willing to help you find character pictures, being I have friends in the photography and modeling worlds. So send me a PM of what it is you need Kenn to help you with =)

Keeping Up With K.B:
If this profile is not updated by the next time you check back and are wanting to contact me then please check my Homepage or Email links above my Avie.

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Removed by author.
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