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Hi guys. I haven't logged onto this account since 2010! I've grown up a lot and hopefully become a better writer. If you read my old stuff, forgive the weak voice and all the terrible grammar mistakes because I'm too lazy to go edit a story I've lost interest in. Hopefully, someday I will properly rewrite the story of Adrien, but not today.

TODAY I am uploading my newest erotic version of Beauty and the Beast. Did I mention it is an EROTIC STORY. There is every swear word and dirty act you can imagine so PLEASE DO NOT READ IF THIS WILL OFFEND YOU!!!


I am not trying to upset anyone so please don't show your parents haha or yell at me for being gross or dirty. If you don't want to read an erotic story, don't do it : )

If you DO want to read an erotic story, I hope you enjoy what I have put down and leave me a comment or review because that would be AWESOME

This was written a million years ago but I won't delete it heh:

1. Full Name: Elisa Daine

2. Nicknames: Leasie, but only by those whom I love

3. Birthday: December 4

4. Place Of Birth: Maryland

5. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

6. Male Or Female: Girly

7. School:Community College. yay

8. Occupation: You dont wanna know

9. Residence: apartment, 7th floor. studio

_Your Appearance_

12. Hair Colour: Brown

13. Hair Length: Longish

14. Eye Colour: I like to think hazle, but mostly brown.

15. Weight: Uhh.. 100?

16. Height: 5' 3 (and a half!)

17. Braces?: What am I, 14?

18. Glasses?: Negative.

19. Piercings: Ears but I dont wear earrings anymore... someone should buy me some nice ones

20. Tattoos: hell no. I'd only regret them

21. Righty Or Lefty:Righty


29. Movie: uhh... oh jesus. Lets see. We'll do this in chronological order. Unico, The Labyrinth, Beauty and the Beast, Empire Records, The Craft, The Crow, uhhh.. Sin City was pretty awesome, and Midnight Express, but no ones seen that. Platoon rules... Petrified Forest: old school.

30. TV Show: Like, I dont have cable

31. Color: Blue

32. Rapper: Biggie. Gotta represent the east side

33. Band/Artist: Right. ok, from the beginning. Third Eye Blind (shut up), Everclear (when I was 15! Shut up!), Poe, Nirvana, The Doors, Floyd, OK, Go (first CD only!), recently love the Killers (sams town and hot fuss only), My Chemical Romance (3 cheers for sweet revenge) and everything Silversun Pickups. Bad Boy Bill is awesome, too.

i skipped some questions b/c they sucked

38. Restuarant: Ichiban. Who wants to take me out? It's hella expensive

39. Clothing Brand: Fuck clothes.

41. School Subject: English, duh

42. Animal: Horses, because i'm a girl. I love cats and dogs too

43. Book/Author: White Orleander (the movie sucked, so if you've seen it, go read the book) Great Expectations, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genus (loved it), Crazy for the Storm (it's a true story. Go read it)

44. Magazine: Jesus, i dont know. Maxim

45. Shoes: Well i had these really awesome leather boots, but my stupid coworker/friend dropped a BIG GREASY PIECE OF CHICKEN ON THEM!! Damn her!!


46. Feeling: fine

47. Single Or Taken: wouldn't you like to know

48. In love: depends on the day.. or hour, really

49. Eating: Just had some pretzels

50. Drinking: Cider. Not apple juice. Cider

51. Typing: Uh, this?

52. Online?: Si

53. Listening To: TV in background

54. Thinking About: if anyone will ever really read this

55. Wanting To: dance all night

56. Watching: The computer screen?

57. Wearing: jeans, asics, shirt with 2 little moth holes (how? no fucking clue) but is sexy b/c it's old and thin and you can just ALMOST see through it, sweater- all blue


58. Want Kids?: Sure, why not.

59. Want To Get Married?: Eh. If he feels like it

60. Careers In Mind: Man, I wish I knew

61. Where Do You Want To Live: Somewhere that suits me.

62. Car: 1972 stingray. Get on that.

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