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BTW: Changed the avatar to Chiru. I actually really like this pic. Sketched/Inked/Coloured on Paintshop by me :)

.:Bits and Pieces:.

Name: Kage Lynx

Age: Of age... that's all I'm saying

Gender: female (not that it matters here)

Location: North America (for stalkers)

.:Hobbies and Interests:.

In list format: manga, writing, drawing, gaming (honestly, can't believe I forgot this one the first time around... for shame...), manga, manga...manga... I'm running out of things to write. But you get the idea. Besides all that, I also like the occasional music break and running around outside getting dirty on the field. It's a simple life I lead. ...or so I would like to lead.

.:Some Things I'd Like to Say:.

When I find time, this page might get more interesting. But for now, this is all I can come up with. Being up at 5:30 in the morning really isn't that great on your brain or state of mind.

Yes, constructive criticism is appreciated. But any blatant flaming will be happily ignored. Oh, and of course, honest praising is appreciated and greatly encouraged :)

So, during the past few years, I've come to realize that I'm a work-a-holic. Undeniably, definitely and 100%. But haha, on the direct flip side, I also play hard, so maybe it all balances out? My time somehow gets divided between being unbelievably busy with school and extracurricular things and all those hobbies I mentioned above. I manage by sacrificing other things (like sleep...I kind of miss it, actually...) There are times I end up staying up all night to write or draw because I just feel like it, haha. Terribly unhealthy... Kids, don't do this at home " But I guess it goes to show how important these things are to me. I'll keep trying hard to weave interesting stories that will maybe really speak to some of you.

What more can a writer ask for right? :)

Anyway, I've been spending a lot of my time on a borrowed drawing tablet lately, and figured it's about time I put some of my stuff up. Yes, I design just about every single one of my characters. Depending on the story, I may have a LOT or just one or two sketches done for it. I'm a pretty visual person, so when I get an image in my head, most times I just end up having to sketch it. It's kind of the same with writing, actually, once I get an idea stuck there, it nags at me until it gets written. But point is! I'm slowly working on scanning and posting some of my work on Tumblr. It's slow, because I'm finnicky about what I show to the public, but they'll get up eventually.

For now, there's only a few things, but I'm probably going to get lazy about colouring and just start putting up a bunch of sketches. And I have a lot of sketches. I'm starting to feel the need to share them haha.

Tumblr: thelynxish.tumblr.com

.:Stories and Poems:.

Yes, I write both, when I get inspired enough. Unfortunately, I'm rather inconsistent in that regard...so, be patient? For those who actually read my stuff that is... which would be great. -grin-


1. By the Pond

This is a short, fluffy little piece. Not really one of my serious pieces... but still, I hope you enjoy it.

2. Out of the Darkness

Short number 2 This was a spur of the moment thing that kinda grew into its own story. Hehe. Sometimes, everything goes crashing down in a single moment, and there's nothing you can do. Picking up the pieces and moving on is harder than you can imagine. Yet, salvation can be found in a few simple words from a stranger. The world is truly a strange place.4

3. Release Your Heart (COMPLETE)

This was meant to be a short thing too, but well, now it's pretty long. Leaf is a fairly average girl and on her first day of high school, taking a wrong turn ends up bringing her face to face with the ever-popular and good-looking student council president. Jealousy, protectiveness, hurt, avoidance and lots more. But still, overall a cute, fluffy love story that will hopefully make you smile.

Yaay! It's done! I'm really proud of finishing it, haha. Thanks for all the love and support!

4. Something About You (on-going)

This is being planned and written as we speak (or as I type) and is also turning out to be much longer than I'd ever anticipated (um, about 450 pages on MS word and counting... O_O) Funny, both this and Release Your Heart were originally inspired from dreams I randomly had XD. Anyway. There are somethings we do that we can't find good reasons for. There are times we end up acting before we think. A series of coincidences, a mess of emotions, and things we can't explain, everything we do leads us step by step into the future. And one moment of insanity is about to change Chiru's life forever. It will open the world to her again, fill it with colour, and drench her in warmth and emotions. Change, growth, family, love...and all, because she fell victim to momentary insanity. Moving on from the past, can she really do it?

I will warn you now: development will be slow. But I promise things will get fun. So, hang in there!


1. Paths

I guess this one's more about growing up than anything else. Inevitably, things change as we grow. But, it's not always easy.

2. Midnight Walk

Inspired by a night-time walk I took. On some nights, things just look different...

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Something About You reviews
Something about you makes my heart race. Something about you makes me lose control. Something about you makes me want to protect you... Cold, resentful and alone, she had never expected her life to change. Will one moment of insanity change it all?
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-One-Shot- How do you fix something you can't hold? How do you crawl out of a dark pit when there's nothing to hold onto? Might be impossible...but sometimes, all it takes is a few words from a stranger.
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Midnight Walk
Walking down the street at midnight. There's something about it that's almost magical. Moon at your back, walking into the infinite darkness.
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Growth means change. Walking down a new path, can we do it?
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