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I thought my old profile description was hella cute so I'm just going to keep it here forever.

A refresher: I'm twenty, live where I live, am referred to as Bwyn and Wynnie, go to University for science things, and I was a total liar when I said my temper was mellow – or at least, that's not the case anymore!!!

This summer, I wrote a whole bunch of short stories for my friend who needed something to distract herself with on boring work days, so all of these new ones are really recent!

Meanwhile, I've been browsing One Piece fic recs because I caught up a few weeks ago and I realized I'm pirate-deprived.

I don't really write anymore, so all those stories on fanfiction will probably be left unedited forever and ever.

Because when I write stories on the computer, I get bored really fast.

Meanwhile, I've got this big book I'm hand writing a story in, so I'm pretty much forced into keeping to the same story. It works better, I suppose. And I've been hooked on DeviantArt and drawing a lot of the characters. Profiles and scenes and shtuff. Actually I was thinking of after I've finished it, typing it up and doing most of my editing on the computer. As it is, I need to add more detail and stuff.

Warriors and Twilight is dead to me. Except for the movies. I burst out laughing seeing the New Moon trailer :D

ANYWHO, a little about myself I suppose? Let's see...

I'm sixteen and I live in southern ontario. My first name is usually mispronounced, so I'll just say call me Brownie. I'm a girl. Or a plant. Whichever. I think I have a complicated personality, like if there isn't the right atmosphere, I'll be either really quiet, the occasional commenter, or uberly duberly hyper and random and creepy. Plus I'm pretty impatient, but my temper is mello most of the time.
I loove cats.

Aanndd right now I'm writing the part of Pip in Falling into Oblivion at so be sure to read that ;D

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The Paper Weaver
She folds, and from those paper folds comes life and living and intelligence – until it is taken away, because the others don't believe it is whole enough.
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He's Making Me Lose Myself - remake
Charlie, like other young adults, is forced to struggle through high school. She, like other young adults, is also subject to sudden change that rolls in like a storm in the form of new classmates. [A remake of the other one – experimental, probably not going to finish but who knows!]
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Haille is a beautiful world, nearly untainted by man. However, a war threatens the delicate balance. Two forces battle it out for dominance, and at the center of it is Robynn, the halfchild that could possibly change everything.
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He's Making Me Lose Myself reviews
Hi. My name is Charlie. I'm a regular sixteen year old girl, with good friends, and an okay life. Then things got better, and worse, when I met them. The Quads. Wow this summary sucks.
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Blood on my Hands, and Hate by my Side reviews
It was a regular job: Eliminate the target. For Neev, a professional and one of the best, it was simple and straightforward. That is until she realized it was all just one big lie, and she was holding the world on her shoulders.
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