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Just a little bit of housekeeping! First off, I decided to put "Differences" on hiatus (my other story "Bruce" was a one-shot and is already complete, just so you know). Instead, I'm currently working on my newest story "Reject." I'm feeling like 2014 is the year for this story to become complete and I plan for it to have 53 chapters in total by the time I'm done (it'll probably have more chapters after that if I decide to make a volume two for Reject). NOTE: I decided to change that story to the "M" rating due to the scene in the chapter "Something's Fishy" where April impaled Scruffy through the head (and it was described to bleed).

(UPDATE as of 2/10/2015)

"Reject" isn't cancelled--it's just on hiatus, folks! But it will be back soon. In the meantime, I'm working on another story--and I'm NOW considering putting it on FictionPress! But yeah, Reject WILL be back--so hang tight!

(UPDATE as of 8/5/2015)

"Reject" is still on hiatus (unfortunately, lol). This summer, I made a vow to write a story that I wouldn't put on FictionPress, but something that I'd put on the market; on the shelves of stores everywhere! =) Of course, that hasn't happened yet. Instead, I'll see if I can whip-up something for here on FictionPress again ("Reject" and "Differences" are still on hiatus, but this will be a new story I'm publishing--and hoping to feel like it's something I want to finish for once lol.) Sometimes I just get the inspiration to leave one story on hiatus because a really exciting idea for a new story comes across my head, so I try to get that going before the inspiration leaves. I do still plan on completing both "Reject" and "Differences" though; but for now they are still on hiatus.

(UPDATE as of 12/19/2015)

Some of you all may have noticed that "Reject" is now on hiatus while Differences is receiving some new chapters--and you're right! I've gotten some great ideas for how to continue Differences over the holiday break. Keep watching for new chapters!

(UPDATE as of 1/8/2018)

Lol, I've had a lot of updates apparently. I've changed my username a few times on here as some of you may notice and am still in school so don't have a lot of time these days to post more. But I do have more material on the way. I might start writing mostly poems as that's a pretty new genre to me. Not sure how I'll fair as a poet but I can't know that til I try, can I? ;)

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