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Poll: Should I create a website with plot, character, and other Carniveil related info? The list of characters can get pretty confusing and also the layout of the house is hard to describe with all of the lefts and rights and straights and stairs and rooms in t Vote Now!
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Hi... I'm Kay Marie, and for short you can just call me by K. I love writing, obviously, since I post stuff on here. I'm just going to add a little bit of info on here to tell you about each of the plots I have up. I love getting reviews with critique, so if you have some time, please feel free to do so.

Carniveil is the story of a girl named Skylar who is abused at home and ends up joining a world famous circus of people who have supernatural abilities. She falls in love, makes friends, etc. Unfortunately, the owner of the circus becomes engaged to a horrible woman who threatens the happiness of all of them, so they must all try and figure out how to stop the wedding without hurting the owner, who is a beloved friend of everyone there. There's a lot going on, and I really hope you decide to try it out. (Most of the chapters are short, that's why there are so many).This novel is basically my blood, sweat, and tears since sometime in 2008. The writing itself isn't the best, but I started it in 7th grade, and i feel the plot is interesting enough in itself. As i finished Carniveil in December, I have devoted my summer to editing it so that it can be submitted to a publisher. My goal is to have the final draft complete by July 30.

Carniveil Volume Two is obviously the sequel to Carniveil. I'm not going to really say anything about it because it will be a spoiler to Carniveil, but once i finish editing Carniveil, I will start adding a lot more chapters.

Autumn's Fall is a short story I wrote several years ago in seventh grade for an English assignment. I spent a lot of time on it and thought it turned out nicely, so I posted it up here. It's about a town that is ravaged by a deadly disease that quickly becomes and epidemic. It's about nine pages long on Microsoft word, and completely finished.

Shackled Roses is another short story I wrote about a woman mourning the death of her son who died in the military overseas. It's only a couple pages long.

HARSH is a project I began working on in October. I'm hoping that it can carry on and develop like Carniveil has, but most of my plots kind of crash and burn as i give them up to focus on Carniveil. Keep an eye on it, though, because I feel like it may have some potential. I am also focusing on writing it in a much better style of writing than Carniveil is currently at. It's basically about a school that has alterior motives other than teaching students who have various issues. They promise to make these students good and productive members of society, but they don't really fill in the parents with all of the details. This boarding school doesn't sound very honest right from the start, but it's free of charge to anyone who attends and includes a college degree. I have officially stopped writing HARSH, though I cannot say I won't continue it at a later date.

Guilty is a story about a boy who kills his neighbor and is sent to an experimental lab instead of prison for his crime. It is set in a futuristic United States in which the countrywas split in two over differing political ideals. The war-torn world has caused massive migration to the United States and he eventually finds himself in the middle of a war against the government. It's really hard to explain in a couple of short sentences without giving the plot away, so I encourage you to see for yourself. I've been working on it since I finished the rough draft of Carniveil, and this summer I won't update it as often due to my busy schedule editing Carniveil. However, I will still be posting updates. I'm not through with it yet! I really enjoy this plot and suggest it to all kinds of readers. I will warn you; it's a different story from Carniveil, but not necessarily better or worse.

Enjoy my writing, please review or message me any questions you may have!

3/15/11: Carniveil reaches 1000 hits! I'm pretty excited about that.

7/19/11: Carniveil reaches 2000 hits!

11/16/11: Carniveil reaches 3000 hits!

12/4/12: Finished Carniveil!!!!

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