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Greetings all, my name (at least this incarnation) is Calamity Fae.

Facts About Me

I have been writing since I was in the first grade and from the start my stories have leaned toward the darker side.

I am a pretty liberal person, and am not easily offended, but will not stand for blatant and unnecessary bashing. There is a difference between expressing a lack of interest in someone's work, and breaking them down for your own vindictive pleasure.

Facts About My Fiction (hehe)

I am a sexual person by nature, and my stories will reflect this. That being said, be warned. I enjoy the idea of male dominance and corporal punishment. I also have a healthy appreciation for violence and gore.

Most of my characters have come from ongoing stories I’ve written over the years. I have a cast of favorites and love to throw them into new plots as a sort of Where’s Waldo game with myself. I’ve gotten to know these people/creatures, and love putting them in different situations to see how they manage through. (because I do not simply write theses stories, my characters tell me what happens, or I dream it)

I’m a big fan of building plots. Characters with rich histories between one another are always such fun to write. (So I’ll try to give you as much insight as I can)

My favorite characters are often morally liquid with a taste for cruelty. I enjoy the psychology behind our actions and will try to explore it when I can.

Random Other Bits You’ll Probably Enjoy Knowing

I try to be aware of spelling and grammar, but admit to slip-ups. Because my writing is strictly mind-to-keyboard, (I write it as I go, with a general outline, if that) it isn’t always easy to catch my mistakes.

I am a firm believer in constructive criticism, but do take most opinions to heart; so I greatly appreciate your reviews, but try not to strike me too far down or I loose confidence and then there’s writer’s-block and late night fits of depression and then the sun begins to burn itself out of the sky and then we’ll all have to try to survive the cold and dark and then the Meek shall inherit the Earth and Cats will make their grab for rule and then we’ll all be slaves making tuna and tending to Whiskers and his friends.

You don’t want that to happen, do you?

And for those of you who, like me, skip between FictionPress and FanFiction, here's my other page link...thingy

Calamity Fae

Also, for anyone that's interested, this is the picture I have for Roane, my character in Scarecrow. Hehe..he's a crazy-yet-sexy man


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