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Clary and Jace.

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M U S I C B O X;

Fourteen-year-old Marisol Chandler lives in a world where parties consist of illegal drugs and dates have nothing to do with a simple movie. A world where her older sister roams the streets as an eighteen-year-old prostitute and her sick mother denies ever having a child named Marisol. Around every corner lies another problem; something else that needs fixing. But, under some very special circumstances, Marisol rounds a corner and is faced with Alec, the all-around bad boy; the one repeatedly being sent to jail. His black hair, which is streaked with platinum blonde, always knows just how to annoy her. Her raspy voice and habit of blushing profusely has got him strangely interested. Marisol soon begins to realize that everyone has someone who challenges them and makes them shoot for something that's out of the reach. Sure, the world is full of trouble. But as long as we have people undoing trouble, we have a pretty good world.

The problem? Marisol doesn't know if this thing she's reaching for is a little too far out of her reach.

T H E M E S O N G;

Because I Am Stupid (Music Box Version)

A N N I V E R S A R Y;

Raquel is your all-around nerd. She wears baggy jeans and oversized t-shirts, worn sneakers and dorky glasses. She spends her birthday celebrating her parents' death anniversary and Christmas working all throughout the night to earn even a little extra cash. She goes around school giving others her notes and running errands for those who can't do them. She puts on a smile a refuses to cry. To her, all she wishes for is the happiness of others. This is what she loves. And to Raquel, doing what she loves and living life the way she wants it is enough. As long as she has that, she doesn't need friends or someone to love. As long as she has that, she can spend each birthday saying with a smile, "I miss you."

T H E M E S O N G;


T H E B E A U T I F U L M O N S T R O S I T Y;

In a world where kool-aid is spiked and friends are there just for your money and not your company, a haven rests atop an indescribable beauty. Surrounding this refuge is a 'thing' so unlike any other, it surpasses all otherworldly sources and deems itself higher than the god of gods. It lies content with watching the world go on from afar, judging no one and interfering with nothing. Yet it has the power to bend time and space; to change the course of history; to rewrite the beginning of times. Silent and unmoving, it waits for the time when everything is at its absolute pinnacle, before immaculately destroying it all.

T H E M E S O N G;

Fight For Love

I M F I N E;

For as long as she could remember, Alexis has always been surrounded by guys. Instead of talking on the phone for hours, she finds the prospect of playing basketball in the park much more appealing. When given the choice if a chocolate parfait or a hearty hamburgar, she'd instantly reach for the latter. At school she's called the tomboy, and during dances she never has a date. But that's fine with Alexis; it doesn't bother her one bit. So when Gabriel, her childhood friend, blows her off on her birthday so as to hang out with the beautiful Katelyn, she doesn't expect to feel heartbroken. She doesn't expect to feel anything at all. If that's so, then why does her heart ache at the sight of the two?

Alexis tells herself over and over that she's fine; it's no biggie. Because all she wants is for the person she loves to fall in love with whomever he loves.

T H E M E S O N G;

Your Biggest Fan

F O R Y O U;

After losing her family to a brutal car crash when she was seven, Aerielle came to learn that she shouldn't burden others with her own problems. Like the fact that her foster parents physically and sexually abused her; the fact that her biological parents had died only because her younger brother was no longer in the world; the fact that she was ill, and her heart could literally stop beating at any second. Day after day Aerielle thanks God, wishing for just another day to wake up and see the smiling faces of others. Day after day she tries her best to keep her secrets locked away.

But in the little town that she resides in, everyone knows her name. So, in an attempt to escape it all, Aerielle travels to the city. Once there, she attends free school and works for the cleaning company 'Squeeky' whenever she can. It is there that she meets Tristan, an optimistic college freshman who lost his own parents as well. Aerielle would do anything for him, as long as she could stay by his side. And she intends to do exactly that, even when she meets Tristan's true love, a bedridden girl named Alice.

T H E M E S O N G;


E I E N;

You know the beautiful thing about love? It's so powerful. Nothing else can make people do the things that love can make them do. It's the only emotion that can make people fight, and give their all to something or someone. It's the only thing that can make people hold on, when they otherwise would have given up. Love is strong, it's powerful and it's rare. So when people find it, they marvel at the power of it. And they keep holding on because it's the truest form of ecstasy. The world cannot survive without love. It's the onlything that can get people to hold on anymore. In Xavier's own eyes, there is no one more precious that his first love; the girl who gave him his first kiss, his first bloody nose, and his first black eye. To him, she is his everything.

And now he's blind and without his memory; in a place where people would much rather look after themselves. Can Xavier's first love help him pull through, or will another girl take her place?

T H E M E S O N G;

Innocent Love

I D S T I L L C R Y;

Treat him right, okay? He probably doesn't deserve it but I know he needs the best he can get, and if I can't be the one to give it to him, I want you to. I know that every time I look at you, I would love to see you out of his life, but you just have to understand that he was my life for so long and it's going to take me a while to let go of the fact that he's in love again, and I know he loves you. I can tell by the look in his eyes when he sees you that you mean the world to him. He used to look at me with those eyes. I could've sworn they told me he loved me, too, but things change and I'm learning to accept that. So don't be angry at me if I still cry when I see you two together. You've got to understand that I could've spent the rest of my life with him and wanted nothing more. You've got to understand that I looked forward to seeing him more than anything in the whole world. You've got to understand that I never wanted to let go, but I had to. He hurt too much to keep. So take care of him, okay? He needs it, and even though it kills me to say this, but he needs you, too.

T H E M E S O N G;

Say Goodbye

C R A Y O L A B O M B S;

Deidre is your all-around type of girl. She was raised by her loving parents and surrounded by caring siblings. At school people respect her and countless people want to be her friend. In Deidre's eyes, there lies no home other than the one she's living in now. However, due to the plummeting economy, Deidre's father loses his job. To cope with the sudden change in their lifestyle, the family decides to move up north, where the overall cost of living is at its lowest. Deidre's expects nothing to change; she expects that their new house will be just as big, that her new school will be just as welcoming. But everything is not fun and games at Chestnut Creeks. On top of trying to fit in to her new surroundings, Deidre's does her best to juggle changing a school most people had lost hope for and keeping her family just like they were before.

T H E M E S O N G;

We Are Tomorrow

T H E G O O D S T U F F;

Welcome to Crescent Heights Academy; a prestigous, top-notch educational facility found on the West Coast where legacies roam the posh, rich halls. Crescent Heights has a reputation for raising and teaching the creme de la creme; the best of the best. So it comes to no surprise when the classes that graduate from this school end up becoming the world's most elite social group. With an unrivaled, first-rate curriculum, an everlasting supply of money, and joint guidance from ivy league schools such as the holy trinity, it seems as if this uptight school can do no wrong.

Enter the senior student body; the pressure is on for the newest graduating class of Crescent Heights Academy to deliver the goods. The expectations are set sky high; they are to become the most exclusive, aristocratic class that Crescent Heights has ever produced. There's no doubt about what this class can do. But the question is .. will they do it? When you're in your last year of high school, and you have the world at your disposal, what do you do? You make one hell of a goodbye.

Screw the grades, the rep, and the expectations. It's the last year of high school; it's all about the drama, hook-ups, parties, and popularity. Can you really blame them? It's senior year -- when life gets lived.

T H E M E S O N G;

I Will Remember You

Y O U A N D R U M O R S;

The new kid's a hottie; tall, toned, and terribly delicious. But something's strange about Damien. Maybe it's his reluctance to talk, or his inability to strike up conversation with certain people. He looks down upon some and cowers in the presence of others. Now really, what's up with this guy? The students are starting to wonder, and some have come up with rather crazy explanations; explanations saying that Damien isn't a new kid. On the contrary, he's quite familiar. Nonetheless, the rumors have got people wanting for more and the whispers have turned into full-blown conversations. I mean come on, a guy having plastic surgery?

T H E M E S O N G;

Gossip Boy

T H E S U N S H I N E M A C H I N E;

Raleigh Martinez is one of those girls who is naturally 'invisible'; just another black-haired, brown-eyed high-schooler. She ditches class to go to the library, but never ceases to ace all the exams. When it comes to potential boy crushes, she waves them off saying that pretty boys cause nothing but trouble. With no crowd to hang out with, her own cafeteria table, and a broken laptop and cell-phone, she contents herself by playing pranks on her twin brother Richard; aka her complete opposite. Whereas her pessimism is one of a kind, he claims that every day is another day to 'live life'. Whereas she sneaks to the least populated building in school whenever she gets the chance, he'd much rather hang out with the A-list populars. If it weren't for their similar features, no one would think that they came from the same womb.

But despite it all, Raleigh isn't one to turn down a bet. In an attempt to stir things up a little, Richard points out that it's nearly impossible to make his best friend Jacob fall in love. To test this theory, he creates a bet with his lovely little sister: I bet that you can't manage to keep up a bubbly personality while flirting with the Jacob Davis for more than three months without falling in love. But Raleigh thinks she can, and so be it. Now there's a new-and-improved Raleigh walking down the halls of Marina High; one that wears skirts and eats parfait and shortcake. Complete with a brand new attitude too. Can Raleigh win the bet? Even if Jacob turns out to be more than the cool facade he wears at school? Even if Raleigh strongly believes in the idea that pretty boys cause nothing but trouble?

T H E M E S O N G;

Next To You

And now here are the stories that I still need to elaborate with. So for now, here's a one sentence summary for them all.

No theme songs at the moment though.

P A P E R M O N S T E R S;

If it's just a play, then why is his pulse gone?

C H I M E R A;

It's the best freakin' dollhouse in the world, I just can't tell you why.

T H E B R O W N B A L L O O N;

'Cause the red ones are so overrated.

T H E O R A N G E B U T T O N;

I have it on my backpack all the time; it reminds me of the man who I can't wait to kill.

S I X T E E N L I T E R S;

It took sixteen liters for this day to come, and I'm not sure I'm looking forward to it as much I thought I would.

T W O H U N D R E D S I X T Y T W O;

They don't care if I starve myself because, to be honest, it's all about my sister.

To be updated weekly.

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