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name: Aetherlight

-FEMALE -15 years of age -hardly old enough but thinks she's mature enough -probably one of those romance-addicts you see at school -quite the dramatic -loves all sorts of love stories -likes anime, manga and the sort a lot -has a kind of odd personality -loves writing way TOO MUCH... -cheers whenever there's a story to write -however, awfully busy with who-knows-what -but still loves writing anyways.

-now sits alone in a window seat- far, far away from the guys- thinks about this joker nearly every day- man, what a jerk he is- anyways - hoping for my club activities to resume - I'm in DRAMA~!!:3 -lol- feeling way happier nowadays- going to Japan soon.

:prior to today:

-not much writing experience

-not much exposure (to writing, that is)

-much more interested in WRITING than last update

-lonely at home :(

-has seven 'sisters', currently wondering whether the guy from the next, next class wants to join.

Manga I Love:

Dengeki DAISY - Crazy For You (shoujo) - A Kiss For My Prince - Charming Junkie - Barajou no Kiss

People say I can draw really well. But personally, I think it's okay, because most of my drawing skills lean towards the anime side, so...yeah. But I do LOVE drawing. It's just that I can't afford Photoshop on my own and I doubt my mom would be so kind...

Games I love on my darling DS:

~Avalon Code ~Phoenix Wright series ~Pokemon series ~Taiko no Tatsujin series ~Suikoden Tierkeis ~Love Revo DS! ~Mario Kart DS ~Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon ~Akai Ito Destiny ~Elite Beat Agents ~Flower, Sun, Rain ~The World Ends With You ~Quickspot ~lots more??

Latest Updates & Stuff :

Yeah, finished chapter 3 of My Not-So-Secret Admirer. I dunno, it seems okay. I had been thinking of the idea in the chapter for a long, long time. :D Who knew Mr. Egoistical Lord Spencer would be so...daring! Ah, personally, I like to think of him as a lord. He's an odd guy. He's nice to everyone but just pinpoints Pris. But then it's the same vice-versa. Man, talk about PROBLEMS.

I think I'll write for 'I'll Be Waiting' next. Chapter 6!

Well, I sometimes get inspiration from manga. Sometimes. I'll Be Waiting...well, it was from my imagination...I just thought of a girl, maybe depressed by constant bullying or something, would be cheered up by this guy who just happens to be at the bus stop with her every single day. There's a lot of drama, I guess. But it's not as bad as the Korean version of BOYS OVER FLOWERS (Hana Yori Dango), in which the main character Geum Jan Di gets sprayed by a FIRE EXTINGUISHER in one of the earlier episodes.

Now that is scary.

If I get some time after my DS time, my manga time and my whatever-else time to draw some stuff, maybe I'll just put something up here. I'll draw it out for you all :D Man, it rocks to be able to draw anime. Wish I were some mangaka, but too bad, I think I'm a little inexperienced, still.

OH ME GOSH-- I JUST HAVE to get Rex's CP up! (I'm referring to AVALON CODE here.) AHH~ I can't wait for Valdo~ He's so cool!! Actually I thought Anwar was pretty cute...I love those lonely, cold types, but when I heard his oddly annoying 'Ah ha' for the first time, I...I couldn't take it anymore. Now I'm going for Rex. I love those best friend in love with best friend types too! ...actually, maybe I should get Ur. He is so my type too!! I hated Rempo for calling me a bookworm when I scrolled down to check their! Vis keeps telling me suggestively that fire things like me...REMMMPPPPOOOOO!! I shouldn't have asked too much questions. :((

Anyways, see ya for now. I'll see you all...soon...I guess. ;)

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