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Author has written 2 stories for Romance, and Love.

I want to apologize for all who expected more from me. Let's just say I was in a major slump. But, I still love to write. I just have to be in those moods. So, hopefully I disappoint no longer. I'm back and ready for action and for those who have already read my stoires . . . Get ready because each one will be rewritten with a better twist. (Same storyline though so it doesn't confuse.) Thanks ;)

MOONSHINE: She had always been the normal one. She had friends, a life. Then the Wolfreds moved in. Trinity Moonfae felt and instant connection with them. With Hailey, it was like a warm summer breeze when your standing in front of an ocean. With Andrew, it's just a soft comforting feeling. With Maria, it's as if she's being wrapped up in a cloud and nothing can touch her. And then there's Jesse. With him, it's almost painful. Electricity running up her arms and to her brain. Yet, she can't stay away from him. And Trinity doesn't have a say in the matter anyway after being assigned as his chemistry partner. And while spending more time with Jesse and his family, Trinity starts feeling more. And some of it, she's not happy about.

OLD FRIENDS, NEW LOVES: COMPLETE - Emily Bennett left Port Royal, PA after finding out that the man she loves is getting married. To someone else. So, she makes her way to THE BIG APPLE. There she meets Casey Sherman - a hot-shot lawyer and twice the man Matt Henly will ever be. At least that's what she thinks. Seven years later, Emily moves back to Port Royal with Casey and she has a rock the size of Jupiter on her finger all the while. Home Sweet Home hasn't changed much, but the people there sure have. Turns out Matt didn't even get married after Emily left and hasn't since! And, after showing some interest in Emily again, she has to choose. Matt or Casey?

MARY ANGEL BURNS LOVE: Amaris Lowell is known for one thing. Trouble. Her mother's one of the head Guardians and who the hell even knows who her father is. She's always had abilities she hasn't been able to explain over the others. Ever since her sister was taken, she hasn't been the same. It seems everywhere she turns, there's someone there who wants to fight her. One of those fights just happens to land her sorry ass into the Royal Court to be tried as becoming a Zoan. A Lycan. A Werewolf.
She's not. She's so much more than that. And one of the Guardians, Angel Love, who happens to know Amaris under a different name and from a different time will help her find out what she's really made of. Mary Burns is back, and she's better than ever.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN: Carter Turner sent him to prison for a crime that he claimed he didn't commit. Now, five years later, Braydon Hale is finally free and looking for revenge. His plan: Do to Carter everything she accused him of, and this time, he would get away with it. But after a hostage situation, Carter ends up shot and Braydon ends up falling for the woman who locked him up.

DISTURBED: COMPLETE - Book one in the Jordan Carter Series. Jordan Carter isn't a vampire hunter, or at least she wasn't until someone - something - killed her brother, Marcus. Marcus's second in command, William, has just always been along for the ride, but when he saves Jordan's life and takes her in as one of the nest, he can't help developing some feelings for her. The thing is, does Jordan feel the same way?

ABOUT A LIFE WITH AMELIA LENNOBIA: Amelia Lennobia is used to her dad bouncing from one wife to the next. That's what he's always done, that's what he'll always do. But, supposedly, his current wife is truly the One. The new stepmother also comes along with Taylor - the annoying stepbrother - and Lewiston High School - the irritating new school. On the first day, the school turns out to be just like any other. There's nothing special about it with the exception of shy Oliver Hunt. Amelia takes it on as her mission to turn Oliver from dud to stud. On the way she meets Declan Kurt, just another dumb jock, or at least that's what she thinks. Declan on the other hand will do anything to prove her wrong.

QUEEN ME: Being a witch in the twenty first century is hard enough, but imagine being a witch - a dark witch for the matter - in 1254. After a long night of enduring her not so familiar aunts, Blakeley Harper finds herself transported back to the past in the nick of time to be threatened at sword point. People are accusing her of being "The Dark Witch of the Night" and the village people want to roast her over the fire. Yet, through it all, she still can't get that insufferable man out of her head that had kissed her so gently she melted and laughed when she'd punched Lord Pearson in the nose.


FAT GIRL: Jamie Parks has spent her whole middle school existence known only as the "fat girl". The summer after her freshman year in high school, she's determined to make a change. Jamie watches what she eats, exercises everyday, and starts to get into shape. Before she knows it, she's lost 30 pounds. When high school starts, she's the new "cool kid". What she doesn't realize is that when she wasn't in any of the inner circles in school, she was safe. Now she gives into peer pressure, has boys on her all the time (most of who she don't like), and betraying friends. High school isn't what Jamie expected it to be, and she finds herself wishing she could change everything back to the way it was, even her image.

LIFE: No one knew what would happen when two people, in the same family, died at the exact same time, on the exact same day? Nick and Danny Frank died at the exact same moment on December 11, 2008. Now two years later, Melinda, Danny’s girlfriend sees both of them in her dreams. She starts to have nightmares of the fatal accident. Both brothers dying at the same time was not a coincidence. Someone made it happen. Now with both of the ghosts and the Frank brother’s cousin, Lance helping her, Melinda might just discover who murdered to the two men who broke her heart in two different ways.

VAMPIRE SECRETS: Aiden: New boy in town. One mom, one dad, one little brother. The only problem- they just happen to all be vampires. Jennifer: Shy, golden girl. One mom, one little brother, one run away dad. The only problem- Aiden has fallen in love with her. Bluff, Utah. Population: Now 324. It had always been a quiet, calm town. That is until the Felton family moved in. Now there have been mysterious disappearances, rumors, and even deaths. Everything points to the Felton's, but Jennifer Allen is determined to prove everyone wrong. Especially after meeting Aiden, the eldest son.

WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS: After a wild night of partying, Mandy crosses the line of her rich uptown home and into downtown gangs. While almost being raped, DJ, a thief and drug dealer, saves her. Mandy soon discovers that not everything in the world is perfect. DJ discovers that some things are. This romance tells the modern story of Romeo and Juliet. Two people from different sides of the streets come together to help each other and themselves.

And so my lovely little viewers, I will be updating as much as possible. Thanks for viewing and leaving reviews. It has really helped me.

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