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BTK Fiction

Three girls joined together to create this account. They're here to share with others what they've written together. Romance, westerns, supernatural: all of which they adore.

How To Contact Us:
If you would like to contact us you can either send us an email at our address or go to our forum. We do not accept PM's through fiction press. If you want to send an email, please put the name of the person you wish to contact in the subject. Otherwise, go to our forum and select a topic with the name of the person you want to contact. If you want to contact all of us, there will be a topic for that as well.


Taylor: A girl who loves happy endings, but knows how rare they really are. Occasionally hyper and perverted, but loved by most. She's recently fallen in love with Western Romance's. She's constantly coming up with new story ideas, some of which she'll never get around to writing. She sincerely cares about her characters as if they were real and talks as if they're her best friends. She loves a good, snazzy, steamy romance novel. She has good spelling and grammar 96 percent of the time.