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I should really write something here, shouldn't I? Well, someday I will. Yep.

I'm male, gay, mid-twenties


If you review one of my stories, chances are I will feel morally obliged to review one of yours. If I review one of your stories it will be a positive review. I will go over your story with a fine comb until I find something, anything I truly, honestly like. Then I will write about that. If I should write "Your penmanship is wonderful", I'm having an unfortunately bad day. If you really want to know what I didn't like, I will gladly tell you in a PM if you ask me to. Being aware of my own shortcomings, even then I will try to be as gentle as possible. Expect a lot of words like "might, could, suggestion, possibly, probably, etc."


Hmm.. yes that (↑) was somewhat optimistic. Lately I haven't been much in a reading mode.

The Invisible Chains (Book I of Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse)

I do however appreciate all reviews/comments immensely and I try to at least respond to them. It's a pity, but this system doesn't allow for everybody else to read what an author replied to a given review. In the case of anonymous reviews, no reply at all is possible. This is bothersome because sometimes I have to explain the same thing to several people and furthermore, who knows, maybe other people would be interested in the answer as well. And I would like to thank the anonymous reviewers as well as the members of this site for the time they have taken to write their review.

Also, I can't (I think) publish pictures here. Because I know all the names of Dark Tales are unfamiliar I made some maps so readers could get an idea where cities, borders and such are. (On aarinfantasy do com /forum/fiction/showentry.php?e=98407&catid=member&entryuserid=38746 both are possible.)

So, I have opened an account at LiveJournal (see: homepage). I hope to respond there to reviews, general questions, and so on. You will also find the maps there. Don't get your hopes up: I'm not much of a graphical artist.

Please be gentle: it's still a work in progress.

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