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Still writing...slowly...

This update is basically just to let anyone know that if they use flagfic, and are unable to download my fics for offline reading, please send me a PM and I'm happy to send it to you in whatever format. And don't forget to email the admins to complain!

May 12th update - Pathetic excuses/grovelling for forgiveness - I haven't forgotten, or given up on my stories. I have too much written, and too many ideas to give them up. Unfortunately that 'temporary craziness' at work is still going on...

I think the end's in sight, but of course, I thought the end was in sight before, and it's still occupying my entire life. However, even though I can't promise when the update will come, I can promise that it will come at some point. I hope you all can forgive me, and that you are enjoying my stories enough to wait.

September 19th update - so the entire summer's gone and I haven't been able to update :( I have been working on the stories, however, and my goal is to have at least one update by the end of September, and everything updated by the end of October. If you're interested in the reasons behind my disappearance, PM me and I'll gladly share them, but I won't clutter up my profile any further. Reason they're not updated today - the stories are all trapped on my personal laptop, which is broken. I can get onto FP with the work laptop (not that I'm supposed to) but that's about it.

Let's see. I am XX years old, and female. That's about all I'm willing to put in a public profile, but ask me a question and I'll probably answer ;)

It has come to my attention that a lot of authors are being plagiarized on FP and other free posting sites. I don't personally see the motivation behind why someone would do that - published books that can bring in money sure, but free works? What on earth is the point? You get a few reviews, until someone recognizes it, you get reported, and the story is removed. I find it disgusting and childish, and I happily report it when I see it. I would hope that other readers would have the courtesy to do the same. I write for my enjoyment, and for your entertainment. However even if someone decided to plagiarize my work, I will NOT take it down, or start charging people to read my stories. That, to me, says that those people win. If I take it down, I no longer have an audience for my work, and my readers don't get to see the end of the stories. Meanwhile, these thieves still have plenty of other stories to go and post as their own. Stop plagiarism by reporting it, not punishing your readers and yourself. An additional note - it was posted on AFF that there is someone plagiarizing and selling stories. They are mostly horror and/or erotic in nature, but if you write that sort, it's worth heading over to the AFF forums to look at the list - it's pretty long

Current Projects:

To Freedom: Prequel/character back story to the main character in the sequel to Silver Eyes. Does not need to be read to understand the sequel, as it is dark and disturbing. I am writing this as a writing/character development challenge to myself, and it will be vastly different from the other two stories. You have been warned. It may end up needing to be edited for FP, but will be in it's entirety on AFF
Current status: On chapter 13/15, 80 done (I think I will rename Ch 12 'the chapter that just doesn't end')

Into the Dark: Alex prefers to spend his time immersed in his books rather than his boring, lonely life. He often wishes that he could have an exciting life like the characters in his stories. Too bad he forgot about the saying 'be careful what you wish for'

Current status: On chapter 8/18(?), 10 done

Tribal Relations: Despised by his own tribe, Keil's life only gets worse when he's captured by a neighbouring enermy tribe and mistaken for a female. He is forced to hide his true gender in hopes of escaping and returning home.

Current status: On chapter 10/18(?), 20 done

All titles are tentative for upcoming work!

Sequel to Silver Eyes/To Freedom(Tentative Title - Finding Home) Working on it, but this will not be posted until after the other two are complete for obvious spoiler reasons.

Crash and Burn: When playboy Bryant is woken up by something crashing onto the roof of his apartment building, he doesn't expect the culprit to be his doppelganger. Especially when that doppelganger isn't from this planet. (Yes, I did the alien fic)

Chasing Reflections: A sort of narcissus-based story about a man who falls in love with his reflection. Challenge-fic for Paradox13 over on AFF

Second part of Under the Mask (plan to have this published for Halloween...one year)

Second part of Gargoyle (maybe I'll do this for Halloween too)

Check out my homepage/FF account for fanfiction stories.

Notes on completing stories: I will complete them. But I do have a life. And unfortunately work. If I go too long without updating, poke me a bit and I'll start writing again. I do however, have to go with my muse. He likes striking at very inopportune times.

Once a story is posted, that means I have the storyline flushed out, and a rough outline/draft of the plot. Sometimes my characters do kidnap my plotbunny and take off with it, but for the most part, it's planned out, and I won't ever abandon it. It's just the fact that I don't always have time to sit down and write, and when I do have the time, I don't always have the motivation. (Read: am exhausted and just want to sleep)

Upcoming work is ideas I've had, but it's not flushed out/planned yet. (except for the SE sequel, that's just not posted for spoiler reasons) If I hit a block with the story, it is possible it will be discarded, but that would happen before anything's been posted. If you see something disappear from my upcoming works that you were excited about, PM me and see what the reason is - it might be the trick to get me past whatever block there was on the story.

I also have been looking back at my writing, and I am not precisely happy with it. As it stands, I consider all of this 'practice' and will hopefully - eventually - be able to write something worthy of publication. As such, I encourage everyone who reads my stories to review with constructive criticism. Don't get me wrong, I love all reviews, but the ones that will improve my writing help me be a better writer and help you to get a better story.

Additional note - I had such a fun time writing the Secret Santa story that I want to do more challenges - if you want me to write a challenge fic, just let me know. Be as creative as you want and I'll do my best to give you the story you want. :) (Just let me know the length as well - are you looking for a oneshot or a multichapter?)

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