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AnnieStoryTeller :) And you may call me Annie...if you wish to. :P

I write mostly romance stories, and I am NOT new to fictionpress. I have been here quite a while, and in fact this is my 2nd account after my 1st one became quite the mess. I don't wish to delete the old a/c because it contains memories of my old school days.

Even though my writing has matured, I am still very flawed as a writer. And as they say, SKY IS THE LIMIT.

I used to watch a lot of cartoons and tv shows before college took over my life. I am studying Comparative Literature, and you could say reading up on the various writers and poets sometimes leave a mark on my writing... :D

When I watched a lot of tv, I was in love with Life with Derek, Degrassi, and a bunch of other young adult flicks. Now, I don't have the time anymore.

My review buddies are: DutchAver, William Lopez and natalieward :))


I would like to call myself a "feel-good" writer since I've always believed that books and tv should take one AWAY from reality. (I guess I am a Romantic in that respect.) My stories are usually urbanized, and drawn from personal experiences. It's the way I correct things that went wrong in reality in the fictional world.

I am a HUGE fan of cliches, though the story I am currently posting is not all that cliched. :) To know more about what I like writing, please visit my blog!

Since I am not at home, and there's some problem with the internet, I haven't been able to update my stories or take a look at the stories I owe reviews too. Once I get my own laptop fixed with the internet, be ready for some review love. Till then, please bear with me! :D


SWAPPED!: Iemon Mukherjee has come to Kolkata (his hometown) after growing up all his life in Pondicherry. His mother's best friend from school, Abhash Basu, has given her a job in his famous magazine. Mr. Basu also has a daughter named Sara, who becomes Iemon's frenemy from their very 1st meeting... at face value one would think these would finally fall in love...they will! BUT NOT WITH EACH OTHER. A chance swaps their soul for a little more that 48 hours, when Iemon and Sara finally learn to respect one another... :)

TWO WEEKS WITH THE MUKHERJEE BOYS: -Sequel to Swapped - The second chapter is up. Sara and Iemon are invited for two weeks to Iemon's father's house in Pondicherry...

Gossip Forum one place you could go hunt for reviews! :D

I also have a policy of returning reviews... and very recently joined the forum. :) You too should check it out.

AUGUST 2011: I have finally returned from my LONG, LONG break from writing. College has been busy these days. I graduated. And now I am pursuing my postgrads! I am back with a new story and hopefully people will review it. If I owe anyone reviews (though I doubt it) please DO feel free to PM and let me. I'll get it done. Thanks :)

NOVEMBER 2011: The moment I thought I could return to fictionpress with having to deal with too much of work, my end semester exams decided to knock on the door. Not to mention the second vacation I had to take to Singapore. But this time since my mom & aunt accompanied me, I barely got two consecutive minutes at my writing desk... *sighs* I was missing the old holiday. It was the perfect time for me to write. Right now I am taking exams, and at the same time updating various stories, as well as writing my NaNoWriMo'11. I don't know if I will ever hit a 50k, but I keep trying. It's a great way to really sit down and WRITE. I know I've not been doing a lot of reviewing lately...and I will. Once 28th is out of the way. It feels good to be back. I missed writing here!!!

DECEMBER 2011: I am trying my hand at romance writing and so has been quite an amazing journey. Once I finish off the two current romance stories, I will return to my poor abandoned Mukherjee Boys and finish it off too. I promise! _

APRIL 2012: I have amazing news. Firstly, how has everyone been? I have been missing in action for a long time now. But I do have explanations for all that _ Before we go on to exchange more news, please do let me which story you've enjoyed reading :)

JUNE 2012: And I have returned back to fictionpress. Firstly, thanks a lot to everyone who had read/reviewed/favorited/alerted The Strange Proposal (now no longer available on this site). You guys drove me to write what is now considered my best work.

P.S. I am not leaving fictionpress though. Never, never, never...I am still going to post stories and fish for reviews!! :D

FEBRUARY 2015: I'm bacccccckkkkkk!!!! :)

AnnieStoryTeller 2010

Please DO NOT plagiarize my works. I work extremely hard on my stories, before publishing them in There are PLENTY of good sites that would give up great tips to come up with stories of your own; I do not think it’s pretty to copy someone else’s work. So please DO NOT do it. If I find someone plagiarizing my stories, ACTION WILL BE TAKEN. I have had an account on Wattpad for quite sometime now, and I want you guys to know that the AnnieStoryTeller on that account is just me. Thought I'd give you the heads up in case someone thought it was a plagiarizer at work!

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