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I am so incredibly pissed at . After all the hard work we have put into these stories...they shut down band fics and NC-17 writings. Well, I know that many writers will be leaving this site and I hope the makers of this site get a slap in the face. And I hope it really really hurts.

Thank you so much to everyone who has reviewed my stories. I have so much love for you all. A writer on this site has suggested trying . They are currently switching servers because 800 people joined their site between the 12th and 14th. Take that ! So anyway, will be reopening the 17th so everyone go there!

If anyone wants the last two chapters of Thank You Chester, please e-mail me at "gothic flamez14@.:" I will send the chapters ASAP. I will also be posting it all over again at

Bye the way...I got a couple of reviews asking me to post...I CAN'T!!!! I'm so sad...so PLEASE e-mail me.

thank you so much everyone.

Much love,


TO ALL PEEPS @ : I have a pen name over there...it's LPpixichickGC Please come and read my stories! I have a new one posted!!!!!! I'll give u a cookie!

I also have a live journal where I post fanfics. The URL is /users/xx_punkloser_xx