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I've received some messages from distraught followers (which feels wonderful to say in a way) about my most popular stories being removed. They have been removed because they have been sold, so you won't find them anywhere on here. But keep an eye out and you might see them elsewhere.

Stories that have been removed:

The Personal Drink Part 1 and 2

Pleasure Palace

In The Company of Others

Terrible: (summary) Emma is a loner because of her avid interest in supernatural books. She'd rather sit and read all day than socialize and make friends. When a new boy moves into her school, she knows he's not human the moment she lays eyes on him. Through this new friendship she discovers the hidden world she's always longed to see and meets some people who will change her life forever. Emma soon becomes entangled in a long struggle between the clans, tribes, and colonies that threatens to expose their existence to humans.

Update 7/23/09: I'm deciding to shelve Terrible. If it ever does come back, it won't be the same story, because I'll have done a major overhaul of it. I've been debating for a while whether or not to actually take it down, but I've decided that if I hate the story that much, there's no way I'm going to be able to finish it. The reason for shelving it: it's become too much of a Twilight story. Which isn't at all what it was supposed to be, seeing as I wrote it about a year before Twilight was even published. Unfortunately for my story, Twilight was published and even though I wrote mine before it, it's more famous and it's actually published, so mine is going to retire. Sorry if anyone was disappointed, but I don't want to finish a story that looks like a rip-off when it was my own original idea to begin with. Hopefully once I finish my other projects I can get back to working on Terrible and change it, but that won't be for a while.

Update 10/6/10: It's back! I've finally decided to restart this story and have made some major changes to it. Some characters are different, there's a new character, and the plot is a bit different. It still feels like the same story, though, and a lot of the first few chapters haven't been changed by much, so there will be a lot of familiar stuff in there for people who read the old version. However, please read those chapters, don't just skip them, because while most of it is the same, the changes I made are VERY important to the rest of the story. Namely the fact that Josef is NOT in Ellen's class, it is an entirely different character, and Josef has been completely rewritten. So. I'd advise you not to skip the first few chapters, even though a lot of it will seem familiar.

Update 5/24/12:Well I think it pretty much goes without saying, but this story has been shelved yet again. Not because of revision issues--I'm just far too busy to put in the time this story needs. So it's on hold indefinitely again. Sorry guys.

Revolt of the Pages: (summary) This story is about two girls who live in a time when the monarchy has been overthrown and the country has been put under a military regime, but both live in vastly different circumstances. Bryn has always enjoyed a cushioned lifestyle but hates how her wealth has separated her from a normal life. Stuck in a life where she feels she has no control, she's been forced to agree to marry Jazek, the Commander's head assassin, and tensely awaits the day she'll move into the castle as his bride. She's presented with an opportunity, however, to have a life where she may choose her own course and break away from the life her parents have created for her when two young descendants of the supposedly extinct royal family come to seek her help. Meanwhile, Jezebel, a young prisoner, awaits her death sentence for a murder charge. She is surprised, however, when Jazek, the man known for never showing mercy, offers her the opportunity to live as the Commander's personal guard. Jezebel chooses this life, hoping that one day she might escape, but quickly learns Jazek has ways of keeping her close by. Both girls are brought together in a twist of fate that favors neither side. For if Bryn is to help overthrow the Commander, Jezebel forfeits her life--but if Bryn doesn't, she'll be forced to marry Jazek and live a life she does not want.

Hesitation and Reflection: (summary) The story is about a young man whose mother has just died. His fiancee has convinced him to return home to see his father, a man he hates and hasn't spoken to since the day he turned 18 and walked out of his childhood home forever. The story takes place on the doorstep of his old home, as he hesitates to knock and take the final step towards facing his past.

I hope you enjoy my stories and please leave reviews! I always love to hear my readers' thoughts, whether they be good or bad, so that I may improve my writing, and also know if it was a success or not. Enjoy!


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Terrible reviews
Always picked on at school, Ellen finds comfort in her supernatural books. When a beautiful new boy moves in town, she knows there's something different about him. Through their friendship, she'll discover a world she believed only existed in her books.
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Hesitation and Reflection
One-shot. I wrote this for a psychology class. Short story about a man reluctantly returning to his home after his mother has died, and his struggle to reconcile with his past and face his father.
Fiction: Essay - Rated: K+ - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,938 - Favs: 1 - Published: 6/30/2009 - Complete
Revolt of the Pages reviews
“You failed to mention you're intimate with him.”“He’s never gone that far before. We normally just kiss—““That’s the man that killed my entire family! And the one person who has a chance of finally bringing peace to the country is going to marry him!"
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