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Ummm, I write what most people would call boy love. I would like to think they are romantic stories that just happen to involve homosexual characters. I used to think some of my stories were perhaps a little naughty, but after reading a few stories on this website...I think I am pretty tame, for the most part. I guess what I am trying to say is you will not get mindless sex for no reason whatsoever in my stories. At least, I try not to anyway! . I am a very shy, painfully shy person by nature and it takes a lot for me to even put a bit of my writings up online. :( I am always under the assumption I am rather untalented.

All I can say is hope you all enjoy reading my little stories I write them for fun and to relax. Usually very late at night, since I find I cannot sleep anymore so there will be mistakes...I hope despite my horrid writing abilities you will still find some amusement in them. I mean that, in all seriousness. If you want perfect, or even near perfect grammatical skills you have come to the wrong place. My stories are only hobbies and perhaps some point down the road I may be able to invest the time to take writing on as a more serious activity, but that is probably doubtful. I just want to have a bit of fun and I hope other people out there get a bit of enjoyment out of reading my babble.

The House is incomplete, but I will finish it at some point. There is more done than I have up here on this website. (It is on the back burner for now)

Waves Against Us is complete, hope you enjoy.

Tidal Waters is the sequel to Waves Against Us and is incomplete. I have started to write more chapters to it recently.

Midnight Plunge is the little story I am working on right now. I have to say I became attached to these guys so I wanted to continue with this for the time being. I really do TRY to finish what I start, but life has a WAY of getting in the WAY of what we all do for fun. (These characters are somewhat derived from the characters in Waves Against Us. So if you are reading it and you think hey this dudes remind me of...so on and so forth that is the reason why! That is assuming anyone even reads any of my little tales! )

I hope for those that do take the time to even glimpse at my stuff that you find something you like, or anything somewhat interesting!