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Where do you live?


What grade are you in?

Freshman in High School

When were you born?

Oct. 1, 1999

Favorite type of music?

Classic rock, classic country and some contemporary country, internet music, OST, Original Score, some classical, metal here and there.

Favorite artist?

Favorite song?

The Doctor Who theme and all it's variants. Original by Ron Grainer

Alright. So, my name is Pedro. I don't live in a pineapple under the sea.

I started writing when I was six. I was never any good. Well...I might've been. I honestly haven't got the slightest of clues. I remember the first actual story I wrote was actually a fanfic, would you believe it? I wrote it back in '07 and it was an Indiana Jones fanfiction. It was probably real racist (you know, cause Shortround was in it and I was only about 7 so I didn't know any better) was probably super out of character. I am a Grammar Nazi.

Well there you have it. My dull life story.

naym nawt pedro, acually is dolan


Doctor Who

First Doctor:

9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)

Favorite Doctor:

Jon Pertwee :D

How Far into the Show:

Done and still feeling DDDD:

Favorite Ship:

Captain Jack/Everyone

Least Favorite Ship:

Doctor/Martha. He didn't love her. It wouldn't be right...

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

Favorite Element:

Earth. It would be so cool to be an Earthbender (If not Earth, then Waterbendings cool too.)

How Far into the Show:

Watched all three seasons--BOOKS--three or four times.

Favorite Ship:

Sokkarang (SokkaxBoomerang)

Least Favorite Ship:


Legend of Korra

Favorite Ship:

Korrasami. >:D

Least Favorite Ship:



How Far: Still need to see Season 3 DDX

Favorite Ship: John/Sherlock. I don't usually ship Guy/Guy, but I have my exceptions.

Least Favorite Ship: Sherlock/Moriarty ... (just blow up my PM with hate mail, why don'tcha?)


How Far:


Favorite Ship:

Well, seeing as Christian goes to bed with anyone save men (Capt. Jack anyone?) Christian/Everyone

Least Favorite Ship:

Sean/Julia, mainly because it isn't working at all, and Julia is starting to come off as a bitch, and I've known she was a nervous wreck since the pilot.

Game of Thrones

How Far:

Clash of Kings, Season 2

Favorite Ship:

Looks like we've got another man-whore. You know the story. Tyrion/Everyone

Least Favorite Ship: Joffery/Anyone

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A pigpile of some of my better short horror stories. Cannibals, serial killers, and demons galore!
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