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Favorte Quote: "If death is the next beginning, then I am stuck forever in the constant circle of ending and beginning. There is no end for the endless; no reprieve for the restless; no timeout, and no reason to go on other then the sheer need to make it all end by finishing it. I am immortal in every sense of the word. And I loath the creature I see when I look in the mirror, for in that creature I see the worlds end and its beginning, and yet the incomplete creation of it in the first place. I am never ending. I am eternal. I am out of chocolate...Damn." My Muse, who is rather disconcerting in his sudden mood and attention changes.

Species: I am the magnificent Randomomnisity Mage of Doom!! I am not human, but neither am I lacking in human feelings and mannerisms.

I Write: Whatever the hell I feel like. Mostly total random stuff in random categories. My updating depends not on reviews or certain times of the week, but on whether or not my story is saved on the computer I'm using since I frequently move from one to another and back again only to d a loop-de-loop and end up on the other side of the world.

About Me: Okay, my name is Ashton Nightingale. I am eighteen, my birthday is All Hallows Eve (XP HA!!) I like wolves, horsebackriding, and all things slash. Het is good, as well, but Slash is my favorite. I also have the tendency of getting writers block REALLY easily, so be forewarned, so that you may be armed with many complaining reviews if I don't update, okay? XP I have mid-back red-brown hair, color-changing green eyes that have brown flecks. And I DO mean color changing. One day they were blue. It was WEIRD. I prefer that they stay green, so that's what I always say they are, unless they're not, then... Anyways, I'm 5 foot 8 inches, have to wear glasses, and am horrendously accident prone. In the last TWO years I've had no less then FOUR concucions, one bruised wrist, two black eyes, one swollen cheek, a nasty allergic reaction, AND a dosy case of whiplash. The concucions, wrist, and whiplash happened at school, mostly from walking into a pole, but once from a feild trip to an icerink. I fell, okay? It hurt. Feel sorry for me... Okay, maybe you shouldn't. That would be weird. XP

Orientation: I am currently Straight and Single. May change in the future, not really sure.

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