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Hmmm, so maybe I should put something more here as an introduction. Let's see...I'm a girl, obviously, my favorite sport is soccer, but I do like archery, kayaking and horseback riding (although I am a little rusty on the horseback riding; it's been a few years). I play quite a bit of Halo: Reach and my tag is PAraNoia817 so I'll apologize in advance if I'm the reason why our team lost in that last match of Team Slayer or Team SWAT. Feel free to friend me if you play. My original career goal was to make comics, but I can't draw so I decided to start writing instead. I write for fun as I have already completed my six years of college studying Agronomy, which has absolutely nothing to do with comics and writing. Favorite author would have to be Louis L'Amour followed closely by Zane Gray, but I credit Louis L'Amour for inspiring me to consider writing. I read all his books back when I was 13/14 years old. I prefer rock music over any other genre; however, when writing I tend to listen to the Eagles. I also like watching anime. This is probably a given since I grew up watching He-Man, The Thunder Cats and Transformers on saturday morning cartoons. My all time favorite cartoon was Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, it only lasted for 1 or 2 seasons :( Oh and before I finish I will share an interesting discovery...The last time I went kayaking, I saw an old car sunken to the bottom of the river that goes through my town and I mean it was an old car...Could this be where they hid Jimmy Hoffa?!

Update: 01/02/2011 - May have a new short story to post soon. I have been spending most of my time writing comics with my brother though so we'll see how long it takes. If anyone's curious just go to www.iplayhalo.wordpress.com or click on a link below

The comics are obviously Halo based!!

1) Haloside (1-21) http://iplayhalo.wordpress.com/haloside/

2) Haloside (22-?) http://iplayhalo.wordpress.com/haloside-022/ (updated weekly)

3) Haloshots http://iplayhalo.wordpress.com/haloshots-archive/ (updated whenever we find something funny enough to comment on)

4) Spartan-man http://iplayhalo.wordpress.com/spartan-man/ (updated monthly; every wednesday of the third week)

Update: 01/17/2011 - Ok so a special thanks to all those people who have favorited/reviewed my stories or even just took the time to read them. THANK YOU!! I'm glad you guys like Cute so much. Also I will be writing a Sequel to A Second Chance dealing with Marc and Jen. Sorry if A Second Chance starts off slow I hadn't originally intended to write a story about Greg and Noelle, but it just sort of happened; hence, the reason it is as short as it is too. It's more of a Prologue to the next story than anything else.

Update: 02/04/2011 - My brother and I just did an interview with two great guys Brandon and Mario. Both are amateur Machinima makers (Slashprofilms) maybe you've seen some of their videos on Youtube...I recommend checking out the interview http://iplayhalo.wordpress.com/category/interrogation/. They do have a facebook page that you can "like" and twitter "follow" so definitely lend your support and check 'em out! I personally really love the predator parody they did this past week http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VYziPUzsKw. We will be posting a comic this Sunday (2/6/11) featuring Brandon and Mario on our website so make sure to come back and read it!

Update: 02/17/2011 - Alright, just wanted to thank everyone for favoriting, reviewing and just plain reading Keep it PG. I'm glad so many of you liked it. Also a special thank you to checkyesdana for reviewing all the chapters in A Second Chance. Unfortunately, there will be no Spartan-man comic this month on the website as we are currently busy making a back to the future rendition for our Haloside comics.

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Keep it PG reviews
Maybe it was because she had promised herself she would never be that girl. You know. The one that falls irrevocably in love with her best friend. One-shot
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