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Let's see...

Leigh is partly my name I guess, took it from a variation of my name to be honest. Kaze, well, it interested me, makes me think of nature.

I was born on an island called Guam but was taken to California for about six years. Where I am, you can ask and I'll answer honestly, but for me to put it up here? Nah, I'm not big on my exes finding out where I'm at :p.

I like to write, obviously or else I wouldn't be here, read, and occasionally draw.

I don't like it when people judges others because of their actions or choices. I also don't like it when people hate others because they're different. It's hard to live with it.

There's a lot of stuff I obviously don't know about myself but hey, that's life, everyone grows up learning about themselves each and every day.

I tend to worry the heck out of my friends. I'm actually pretty good at that, even though I don't even mean to do it, and I have a long, dark, and confusing history.

Mostly when I write I tend to put facts about my own life in them so... the stories are me in a way. Makes sense? No? Yes? Oh well.

By the way, feel free to pm me. I will most likely answer it as soon as possible, for me that is. If you have any questions, or you just wanna talk, go ahead. I'm surprisingly open sometimes even though I just don't get myself.

I think thats about it.

Problem solved

Anyway, The Hunt Begins is temporarily on Hiatus until I get my script from the storage -_-" and so to keep you entertained I have another story up. This one is called The Warrior Princess Chronicles. Check it out if you think you might like it.

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