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Hallo! My name is Mary and I'm 20 years old. I just started my second year of University, where I am in a four year film production program. I have been a longtime reader of fanfiction but only just recently decided to give writing some a whirl. I've loved writing my entire life and am currently working on several different novel ideas. I am also working on a few graphic novel / webcomic series, most of which involve other people as well. Someday, I'd like to write and direct a television series, but if that never happens I am totally cool with just doing indie films and writing books.

I love reading, but also love movies and television. My favourite genres are fantasy and science fiction, and I simply adore anything by Joss Whedon. I am also a big music fan and love singing. I sing all the time. No, really. All the time. I'm sure it's annoying. I have also dabbled in piano, and have been known, on occasion, to write a little music myself, but nothing of any quality. I've also semi-recently been turned onto Japanese anime and manga and have really been enjoying a few stories there, most notable Death Note, Gundam SEED, Full Metal Alchemist, GetBackers, DNAngel, Fruits Basket (for the cuteness factor, of course), Azu Manga Daioh, and pretty much anything by CLAMP (especially xxxHoLic). I also secretly love Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh, which I watched as a kid and now have familiarized myself with the original (and, yes, I am a fan of both abridged series, though especially Little Kuriboh's). In addition to manga, I enjoy a couple of comic book series. If I'm a fan of the original movie or TV series and there's a canon comic book continuation of it, I've probably read or am reading it.

I'm also, as an internet addict, a recent lover of bloggers. Prepare for linkspam. I follow Cleolinda Jones, The Bloggess, Hyperbole and a Half, Mark Reads Harry Potter (And You Should Too) and Mark Reads Twilight (So You Don't Have To) before that, Reasoning With Vampires, and Blogging Twilight. I am also subscribed to a million people on YouTube. And I just cautiously entered the world of podcasts and listened to a little Made of Fail. I just plugged the crap out of these people, I hope they're all happy (except, they are all popular enough that your plugging makes no difference) (hush, you). You're welcome, internets.

There are a few things I've noticed about my writing - my most common mistakes I've seen me do are misuses of commas (comma splices whoooo), run-on sentences, and unnecessary dialog tags. I have also noticed my stories each have conventions - for example, there are often a crap load of main heroes and villains and an apocalypse to be averted. I really enjoy writing dialog, but my descriptions leave something to be desired. Since I hope to make a living out of writing, all reviews and criticisms are greatly desired and appreciated! So, please read my work, and then (gently) tear it into little pieces! Thanks!

You can also find me on:

Fanfiction: Mreeb

YouTube: cptgigi (personal account - includes vlogs, home videos, and silly high school projects) and CodenameMreeb (public account)

Live Journal: cptgigi

Buzznet: mreeb

Twitter: CodenameMreeb

Twitter account for TORC, the group of four young women (of which I am one) writing a comic together (called Roman Numerals, coming later this year): TeamTORC

Basic run down of my stories:


My first fictionpress story! It's a sci-fi drama that takes place in the future, and will be several volumes long. Each volume is part of the same story, though, so it will all be under the 'Lullaby' title. Currently, only volume 1 (which is nine chapters long) is out. The idea is almost as new as the story, which is unusual for me. I normally go through extensive outlining before I start writing, but this fell together so nicely in my head (there were, and still are, kinks to work out, but they've been manageable) that I started writing only a couple of months after I got the idea and made up the characters. It's rated M (ooooh...) and I try my best to update every Tuesday! I used to update Mondays, but my new schedule at school makes Tuesday a better day for me.

Plot: The year is 1050 AB. The earth is no longer inhabitable by human beings, and so we live in space stations that orbit our former home planet. We are all ruled under one totalitarian regime of the Government for Necessary Guidance of the Banished Peoples. We do well not to oppose them. Guidance has many projects affiliated with her: Project Repopulation, or Repop, wants to get us back to earth; Project Immortality wants us to live forever. The discovery of the soul offers these two projects a means with which to achieve their goals - it also makes their goals conflict. When a class of fifteen year olds are caught in the conflict's crossfire they must find a way to survive and fight back together, even while some of them are pressured to betray.

Aunt Nora's Coffee House

Written in the Frankfurt airport during a five hour layover, it's a one shot short story which the idea for I've had in my head for quite awhile. When I originally thought of it, I was going to make it a play, hence the uninvolved narrator that replaces the audience. I think that medium will suit it much better, so I will probably write a stage adaptation of it...someday...It has absolutely no point or really any depth in it at all. It was fun to write, though. It's rated K+ and is a...comedy?

Plot (there's a plot?!): A cafe employee watches drama unfold at work while a heart broken and slightly suicidal customer is consoled by his friends.

Coming this March (probably)!

To Live working title

I never ever ever write romances. Ever. I'm not a huge fan of the genre (that doesn't mean I dislike it, there are plenty of awesome romance books and movies), much preferring fantasy and sci-fi with romance as a sub-plot and out of the main focus. That said, I have been enjoying writing these sub-plot romances in my own novels, so I decided to give writing an epic romance story a whirl and try my hand at this genre that is unexplored territory for me. Over the course of a day in early October, 2009, I thought up the general outline for my romance novel and have decided to make it my NaNoWriMo novel for the November 2009 round! I totally succeeded in NaNo this year, by the way. Anyways, I am currently in the middle of first draft edits. It's a story of a young woman trying to reunite herself with her lover, and it takes place on a made-up fantasy world of my creation (I love fantasy too much to stray too far from it :D).

Plot: In the mystical kingdom of Rideln there is a small, peaceful farming village called Wellen. Twenty-one year old Teneko has lived there all his life, growing up and eventually falling in love with Nydia, a girl of mysterious origins who loves him in return. When a sudden quest forces Teneko to leave Nydia, he swears that he will return to her without any explanation of just why he has to go. Over a year later, with Teneko not yet returned, Nydia sets out on a quest of her own to discover what has happened to him.

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