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Where to start?

Well, for starters', you might have noticed the blatant lack of...well, anything, under my 'My Stories' tab. Except my lovely sonnet. Which doesn't really count...

It's not for lack of ideas. BELIEVE ME. I've got over nine pages on Word of just story titles and ideas, over a dozen pages in my notebook with just story snippets, a stack of notebook papers, double-sided, with my half-way pursued story dialogue on it that I wrote during school...I mean free time. Right.

But the truth is...


I tend to have problems completing stories because my original ideas were never very good to begin with..but it's getting different. I think I could actually complete a story..maybe! :)

And lastly...which one of these story ideas would you most like to read? Please PM me about this, I'm dead serious when I say I'd love to get feedback.

THE FALL- As Tessa Rose falls off the cliff, she flashes through the events in her life that made her who she is today, that made the choices her in life, the reason she just jumped. (Dark story, not romance. Themes of suicide, hopelessness, and giving up. Not for little kids or people who like happy endings.)

And So They Lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER- This isn’t a story about getting your Happily Ever After. This isn’t a story about waiting for good luck to find you. This isn’t a story about accepting the situation. This is a story about chasing after your luck. This is a story about learning to face your problems head-on. This is a story about making your Happily Ever After. (Partially started with a good intro, in my opinion. Very cliché, which makes me hesitant to start it. It would take some serious originality which I don’t want to automatically assume I possess.)

THE EVOLUTION OF THE STARBUCKS CUP- Working for Hayden Cooper is no easy job. It’s demanding, it’s consuming, it’s thankless, and makes you want to beat him to death with a fire extinguisher the majority of the time. Lydia Martin has just begun her job as the assistant for the slave driver himself after a rocky break-up with a fiancé who broke it off three hours and twenty seven minutes before the actual wedding. But maybe this job could help her as much as she’s supposed to help Mr. Cooper... (Will not end up with Hayden Cooper, as he is about seventeen years older than her. Just a heads up kind of notice. Her name is Lydia, not Anna Nicole. Maybe start each chapter with how the Starbucks cup looks today, like a sort of glass half full/half empty kind of thing?)

42 PORTRAITS- Demi and Jed have been friends for years. They both are in love with each other...and neither of them know it. Your typical romance story? Never. Meet their alter ego's, Princess Emmeline and simple peasant boy Jeode...neither of them happen to know about this either. (This came from a really weird dream...basically, she is being forced by her royal parents to pick a husband out of the 42 candidates, each trapped behind a portrait. The clincher? Jeode is portrait number 42. He doesn't know this...neither does she.)

Well, that's about it. Thanks for taking the time to actually skim this...adios! Leann :)

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