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Hello dearest people!!

I'm new around here and still trying to find out this site, so please, forgive my sad attempt at a profile.


My Name: Raiya like Ray-A-(insert cheesey thing of ray here. I like darkness personally, but everyone says Ray-a-sunshine...) no 'i' like sound despite the ai its a hard 'a' sound like Ray but spelled with an i! Then add the last a as in 'uh' so, I guess a soft sounding a and you get the correct pronunciation of my name! Hopefully... Sorry, I just have one of those names that most everyone I meet who reads the name (instead of letting me say it and save them the trouble and me the annoyance) butcher it in so many ways which don't even make sense (I swear to god they put random 'n's 'l's and 'z's even I mean WTF!). Thus the rant which is somewhat fun to write. So yeah, that's my name, no last name for you guys though, sorry. Plus my last name is also one of those names butt-munch names as well!

Username: my name+shi which is the Japanese word for 4 which also means 'death' so Ray-A-death! Which I just realized now, I only put it there cause someone took my name for a username. Blessing which are hidden? Wow I feel bomb apple, or ba, which stands for bad ass. Bomb apple being the elementary version of ba, made up by my ex so he can say things are ba in front of his kid-brother! I don't like cussing too much myself so I tend to use it sometimes. So, if you haven't guessed by now, I am a spaz and I can go off on random tangents a lot, I mean this was supposed to be about my username.

Things I love: My friends and Family of course! I also love reading, occasionally writing, KITTIES, and music.

Stories: I've never really written a full on story so, please bear with me. If you have yet to notice I am a comma splicer. Sorry. In other news I might get some of my poetry up at a later date (YAY for emo).

Emotional Devices Elwyn has a little emotional web that he's stuck in, problem is that it's not made up with his own emotions. Being sucked into other peoples' emotions right and left takes it's toll on Elwyn, who has nobody except for his mom and his hobo. MxM Slash.

I know, I know, I suck at summaries, I'm sorry! At least it wasn't what I had originally planned to put as a joke: This story about this one guy. He has this one thing. Oh, and then he meets this one other guy. Stuff then commences to happen. (b-.-)b

Status: Did a few edits to chapter 2 that are up... (mostly taking that horrendous paragraph and splitting it up .) Chapter three is currently being written... current length is 18 pages . I AM SO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT! COLLEGE GOT IN THE WAY!! Just finished finals and I have vaca but I will try to finish it soon .. . probably will be awhile longer before an update...( little fun fact ch 1 was 12 pages on word ch 2 was 21 33 ages in total the numbers wer switched then added they are the same woohoo!)

Okay so, The first chapter includes lyrics, and most of the chapters if not all will include some (Chapter two has A LOT, no joke, it was annoying, but I think necessary, yet still annoying!). So, I decided to make a playlist on imeem and hook you guys up with it so you wouldn't have to do it yourself, might be easier to listen and not read the lyrics. =P Also it will ask you to make an account, it's fee so don't worry... if it's too much of an issue for anyone pm or say so in a review and I'll try to find another playlist site that won't require you to get an account, but really they don't email you or anything and it is completely FREE . any other sites like this you guys use and would recommend that don't require an account would be much appreciated though. . sometimes it has mini commercials that are less than a min... that i had no clue about x.x PLEASE NEW SITE DD=
Now i shall try to embed it here! not likely to work but worth a try. Right? .

Emotional Devices
Failed, but not too horribly... I think I'll leave it =P.

My Favorites: I actually have a lot more, but I tend to save authors more than stories because I like their writing styles. Though I do save both sometimes.

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