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Hi, nice to meet you, if you're even reading this... Anyways, I've known this site for a while, and now have made my first account. Just so we get this straight, I'm a girl, that way now I don't have to be annoyed by being referred to as a boy. I've come up with a lot a new stories, but each having its own little holes that I couldn't fix. So after thinking and sleeping and going through some depressing times during life, I came up with a story that I fell absolutely in love with. No holes. Nothing. Now I'm proud to say that I'm already on my fourth story. I'm a huge anime and manga fanatic, they are the only cartoons that I like. So it's how I have imagined my stories, though I have imagined them in real-life as well. I'm sorry to those of you who don't like anime...

Hopefully you'll like my stories as well. I write "Slow Progress" in the description so that I won't be pressured into writing when I'm not at my best inspiration so the chapters don't sound like crap. I try to post at least every week, sometimes every few days depending on how much I'm inspired to write more. I get writer's block at lot, due to stupid perfection issues on how everything needs to flow that I have. But I hope you're patient with me. And the grammar might be a little bad, give me a break, I'm my own editor here. I do reread most of my chapters and try to replace them with more grammatically correct versions. Also I might add a few sentences here and there, so beware it may not be the same if you read it again later haha.

I love vampires. Anything that has to do with vampires, werewolves, the like (Though I'm picky about which mythological creatures). But some stories about them that I've read are just gay. I abhor the Twilight series, I gave them a chance, but they weren't as good as everyone made them out to be. So hopefully mine aren't like that.

My stories aren't cookie-cutter romances, I actually take the romance somewhat slow because I think it unrealistic if the characters immediately say they love each other, though sometimes being cookie-cutter is nice and relieving. They are also a bit dark and have some adult themes (gore, sex, language), but I don't think they're something a more mature teen can't handle. Also, there are some recurring things in each story and ties between all of them, see if you can figure out what they are =p

I appreciate reviews (Like any other person on this site), they inspire me to keep writing. Please review, I would love to know what you think about my stories and also don't mind constructive criticism as long as you don't tear my stories apart haha. If you're one who doesn't review at all, no prob, thanks for reading anyway, I hope my stories entertain you since you won't tell me your feelings...XD To those of you who do the "You review me, I'll review you" thing, I'm sorry that I don't, but please don't make that your only motivation for reviewing. I hardly ever get on FanFiction or FictionPress to read, I just upload, so I'm sorry if I don't respond to your wishes.


PLEASE NOTE: I have completely copyrighted all the stories I have written, so please do not attempt to plagiarize them. I have worked hard on my stories and hold them close and personal. The only places I have ever posted them are on FictionPress, FanFiction (Username: EmissaryOfDarkness), Inkitt ( ) and DeviantArt (See link below)

Thank you so much to all those who wish to buy my stories! It is an honor that they are even considered buying material XD. However, I am not selling any of my copyrights. Sorry for the inconvenience! Happy reading!

Also, to any who would like to add any of my stories to your community or talk about them in forums, feel free to do so, just send me a PM where they are going to be. Thanks for the consideration!

Also, if any of you are interested in seeing what characters look like I finally decided to make a DeviantArt account. There's not much but if you'd like to check it out go to:

My pics of people are in anime form, so I'm sorry to those of you who don't like it XD


Days Of Dragons Past - Act 11 up!

  • Please note that DoDP might not be a full story, just a novella. The way I think of it as is each chapter is just a continued episode of how E&B (censoring for spoilers XD) met and their struggles to stay together and learning to cope. There is a very loose idea of an antagonist, but they aren't a very "in your face" type in the story, just in the background. So I doubt the story will be super exciting, just kind of a relaxing read compared to FLoD. I'm trying to focus more on the romance, which I suck at but want to write so badly... 'Cause I love reading romance and fantasy stuff, but I find my way of telling such is definitely not up to par with a lot of people.
  • UPDATE! Heylo, my dearies, I'm putting DoDP on hiatus for now as far as bi-weekly posts go. I will update whenever I have the motivation to write a new chapter. Sorry, everyone. It's kinda just a story I want to write at my leisure since it's not very action-packed and just a relaxing read.
  • Elsewhere: A Collection of OneShots - The Requiem of Conscience added. The Best Friend added

    Also, I have decided to completely revamp my Your Vampire Guardian

    Series. I reread them for the heck of it and they make me laugh and cry for the fact I wrote them when I was so young and some things seem so childish I want to die. SO...I will be rewriting them, at least the first story, to have more details and scenes and hopefully semi-better developed characters. No worries, the storyline will stay pretty much the same, just with a few changes in detail here and there. When such changes occur, I will be deleting the current YVG posts and replacing them with the newer version.

    Thank you all for supporting me, especially those who review. My motivation is kept on track with your help. I hope you all continue to read my stories in the future!

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