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Hello. I assume you've come here because for some reason you can't read one of my stories you were currently on. Well... yeah... I deleted all of them.


Sure I can, they're mine. I've been inactive on this site for quite a while now and I just felt the need to take my stories with me. So I'm sorry if you were in the middle of one them and now you can't finish. Hopefully if I ever post it again here or somewhere else, you'll find it and be willing to read it again. Maybe one day, but for now I just feel like writing for myself.

I mean, don't get me wrong, it was great to hear the feedback from you and so many favorites, but I honestly just wrote my stories so I could read them. Conceited, right? Nah, a story like them didn't exist yet, but I really wanted to read ones like them so I wrote them. I don't think that's conceited at all. Selfish that I took them down, maybe. But they've got plot holes and horrid grammar anyway, so ew, why subject you to more? Also, I had a bit of paranoia about plagiarism since I hardly did anything with my stories and I was afraid someone might try to make a profit from them. Need I remind those of you who may have copied and pasted my stories into your own little documents that EVERY word is copyrighted and mine no matter if you change things here and there? That's my paranoia showing.

Anyway, I'm very sorry. I hope you'll forgive me. Thanks for all the reviews and favs and for even reading my stories at all. For now, farewell.