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So.. yeah. Hi.

I'm Skye and I'm really new at all this stuff on fictionpress. I really don't have any idea what I'm doing.

The only story I have up right now is 'Winter' which has no official name yet, but I might upload another. I'm not sure yet. If you like what you read or hate it, either way, it'd be cool if you reviewed or talked to me in some form.

I guess I'll update when I can? I'm writing as it comes to me.

Stick around, plez.

Story Synopsi

The Winter Story: In-Progress

Winter is in the middle of an abusive relationship, though he'd argue otherwise, and eating issues when he meets Teagan. [Slash. Eating disorders and self-destruction.]

The Cyr Story: In-Progress

Cyr is a rapidly deteriorating ball of emo angst. As his eating issues and relationships spiral downwards, can he be saved? [Slash. Eating disorders and self-destruction.]

The Hayden Story: Future Project

Hayden is a 23 year old writer living in New York City. The only problem with him living in the most populated city in the country? He's deathly afraid of people and lives locked away in his apartment only ever leaving to buy food. His life changes when he meets a punk named Johnny.

The Tripp Story: Future Project

Tripp likes fast cars. He likes driving them and their power and the sense of freedom they bring him when he drives. However, when he and his mother move to a small town in the middle of nowhere he has multiple run-ins with the law because of his reckless driving. Particularly one officer who seems bent on teaching Tripp a lesson. Will his hot temper, stubbornness, and need to drive land him in more trouble than he can handle? [Slash. Abuse. Non-con.]



I'm cranking out a Cyr chapter RIGHT NOW. It is literally half written right now. I can maybe have it up by late tonight or tomorrow. Sorry for all those other horrible empty promises. This one is real.



I haven't started on anything else as of yet after posting for Cyr. However, I DO have half a Winter chapter written from a few months ago. I'll try finishing that and having it up by Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for reading and stuff!



The next chapter will probably be another Cyr one, but I PROMISE I have plans for Winter. I have everything written down for where I want Winter to go and almost nothing planned for Cyr after the next update. So Winter readers... just be patient? ._.

Seriously, school is kicking my butt right now but I'm trying! Love you!



I wrote some story synopsi up there! I also added two new stories to the list, but they aren't currently being written or anything. Just stories I have an interest in eventually writing. Anyway, thanks for reading guys! And the reviews! I LOVE THEM!

I've already got a bit of the next Cyr story from Nate's POV written, so maybe it'll be up by tuesday or so. Then I PROMISE to start back on Winter. It's been way too long for Winter.



I've found that some of you actually look at this page! That's awesome!

Gosh I'm really sorry guys! The Cyr chapter is half written but I've had too much school and not enough sleep to write it to a somewhat good degree. Like this sentence. Uh, yeah. Maybe by this weekend I'll get it up!

Also WINTER news!

Winter will probably most definitely NOT be updated until... winter break. This is because I have too much schoolwork and can't give it my full attention. Winter is my baby and I know some of you like it too, so I wanna make it a bit decent when I can finally write again.

anyway thanks for sticking around or welcome if you're just now here!



Got a new Cyr chapter out for all you lovely readers, I hope you like it ;]

It's in Nate's POV, so that uh, should be interesting. Review and stuff and I'll most likely be working on Winter next!

Much love!

Guys I'm really really sorry but school is taking over my life and I literally have zero time to write anything. Updates will be spotty at best, if at all. Expect me during the summer, I think about my characters every day and I haven't forgotten them. Much love.

Hello! I'm just dropping in to update my profile and say that I'm sorry for not updating at all! I'm out of school in about four weeks so you can definitely expect some updates after that time. I've been thinking about winter a lot and how I want to finish that story, so I think I'll be working on that one the most. Cyr will still get some love! Anyway, thanks for poking around my profile!

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