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Greetings from 2015! I feel like every time I come to edit this profile it's two years later and I realize how horrid I am. Wow. Alright.

Currently a Junior in College attending LSU and a self proclaimed, well out-practiced author and artist. I can't believe what year it is. Begs forgiveness.

Sort of update: July 2015: I see an unintentional trend forming where I only update this profile every few years and it is sad. I'm terribly sorry, but the real world is cruel and unforgiving to college students with a job and no time management skills. Sigh. I do my best guys.

As of June 3rd, 2011: Wow, I haven't updated this profile - if I can even call my lack of information a profile in the first place - in an unacceptably long time. Really, the moment I read my opening quote about being in the NINTH grade, I knew something must be done, and quickly at that. I guess I've just been spending far too much time on Fanfiction. And to think, I thought I'd never write fanfiction because I didn't see myself bending plots that already existed. Look what outnumbers your original creations now!

April 9th, 2013: Can we say unmotivated? Yes, probably so. I'm sorry you guys that I have been away for so long, for the few that actually take the time to read my stuff and find some enjoyment in it. I do plan on eventually updating my stuff. I miss writing so much I just have not had the time. Senior year is crazy. Unfortunately I haven't allowed myself to sit back and enjoy my last year. I scheduled too many classes, most of which are online and terrible and I'm stressing myself out to maintain my A average. Doesn't matter that I'm accepted into college already, nope! (LSU TIGER GIRL!!!!) Anyway, I'm hoping to give myself a break over the summer and hopefully avoid completely rigorous classes next school year if I am given the chance, though my major probably deems otherwise. Anywho, I will do my best to update when I can. The only story I'm really still working on is Shadow and Flame. And I have another in the works that is still in development and isn't published yet. I'm busy drafting characters, locations, plot etc so when I start wrtiting I don't do what I always do and get stuck and stay away for years without looking at it because it only gives me a headache.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my writing. I love you guys!


Just a little word about them :)

Shadow and Flame: I finally got around to writing a story I was serious about. It's slow moving, I know. To the people who actually take the time to read this crazy sci-fi/ fantasy adventure - I thank you. I truly appreciate the time you have taken out of your own lives to read my story and then, to put up with ridiculous update schedule, or really the lack thereof.

The inspiration that brought on this story this actually came to me in a dream that I had. However, the only way the two are similar is in what happens to the main character, Zara. Everything else, the before and after, I am still working out. I'd like t do a bit more planning before I get too far ahead of myself like I've been doing with my other stories. I'm sorry for the long wait, really, I am.

Another Way to Live: So, I've always wanted to write something that broke away from the seriousness that I try to surround my own stories in. This one revolves around randomness and is centered on the fact that it has no specific plot. It's running purely on what my mind comes up with next. I'm hoping that it doesn't get too deep, as it's not supposed to.

My Silver Cross: Can I help it? I love wolves. I thought up this loose plot on the whim, just because of my own want to have at least one story about wolves. I just wish that it was more developed. I don't know where I'm going with this. I need to stop having all these spur of the moment ideas. It's killing me and I'm not a huge fan of the "plot."

Spirit's Curse: Bring on the Mary Sue! Yet again, another dreamed up plot. This one actually involved me and three of my friends. Can you tell just how crazy my dreams are now? Seriously, I have to wonder about myself.

Anyway, this is bringing on the sci-fi. I love sci-fi. It's crazy, most people who "know" me don't understand just how much I love sci-fi! I would think, but I guess unless I verbally announce it, hardly anyone will get the hint. Speaking of Sci-fi, have any of you ever watched Star Gate: Universe? It's amazing. Truly, it is. Go Dr. Rush! I love the insanity you bring to your unexpected ship mates.

Hmm... Science fiction... sci-fi or syfy, the next great debate.


Night's of a Lunar Eclipse: It upsets me that I haven't been able to think of anything to add to this plot. I might just have to end it here, or put it up for adoption. There are just way to many plot holes, I don't know what to do now that the main character is fulfilling her goal. It horrible that I probably won't get the chance to finish it. Just another summer creation.

Aurora: Hmmm, this one I actually could probably think up a few more chapters. I just haven't felt the pull to do so. My other, much better written stories are taking up my time. If anyone actually reads this, P.M. me and I'll consider continuing it.

Vampire Hybrid: Bah, this one just kind of sucks! The idea, perhaps it's slightly original, but it's written from the mind of a poorly developed eighth grader, before I learned much about grammar, description, and voice! (Even still, my grammar isn't all that great)

I don't know if I will ever continue this. I started the process of rewriting it, but I couldn't finish it because it horrified me! I'm sorry, my few dear readers, for putting you through this torture. Perhaps move on to one of my others? I promise, they are much better written.

Hmm, I don't know what else to say, other than it's just surprising how much a person can change in two mere years. For all of those that take the time to browse though my profile and my stories: Thank you, ya'll are all amazing!

RaNdOm StUFf and favorite quotes:

"MARKER!...because crayons are over-rated!"

"Remember...If the world didn't SUCK we'd all fall off"

"Today, Im going to be as happy as a bird with a french fry!"

"Sometimes, you have to run away just to see who would come after you"

"I didn't build a wall around my heart to keep anyone out, but to see who loves me enough to climb OVER it."

*Inuyasha is frozen in fear *- "the evil overlord of darkness is standing right behind me isn't he?"

(Barney and his kindergarten army lol)

Anime, books, and other random things that I LOVE:

Some favorite anime titles are between Fullmetal Alchemist, Nabari no Oh, and Soul Eater. All of them have characters that are just amazing. Edward and Alphonse Elric, Miharu and Yoite, and then Death the Kid and the rest of the DWMA, how could you not fall in love?! Then there's Winry (who I've cosplayed as), Maka and Raimei, (who I plan to cosplay as) who are just as great!

Others would easily include: Inuyasha, Vampire Knight, Death Note, Code Geas, Pumpkin Scissors, Baka to Test (funny!!!), Gurren Lagann, and many more that I've watched and can't remember the names of.

More recently: No Game No Life, Log Horizon, Akame ga Kill; Kill la Kill; Hamatora, Mekakucity Actors... the list continues.

Can't forget Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky, and the rest of Studio Ghibli's movies that are just so amazing and epicly cute. Ponyo!!! Adorable.

As mentioned somewhere above, I love Stargate Universe! Dr. Rush and Eli make the show!

Books: I have to mention Harry Potter. Anyone who thinks that Twilight is better had better take a class and read some more literature. Not that I have anything against Twilight, I actually enjoyed the books, it's just it gets way too much attention. I mean seriously, the modern Romeo and Juliet? What do they really have in common...?

Song of the Lioness series, City of Bones series, and many others I can't remember the title of would also make their way on to this list. Um, the Iron King series is also pretty great.

I hold the Bible with high regard though I will not pretend that I have read the whole book from front to back. Really, it's sad how little I have actually read for myself. I do plan to change that. I base my Christian life on my every day experiences, but I will not deny that scripture can put a lot of situations into perspective.

More about me: I am a night owl by nature. I much prefer night over day, cold over hot. The moon and stars amaze me, but really the sky at any time of day can take up my attention.

I love sweets, and food, and anime, and movies, and games, and everything. I am easy to amuse... usually. It's keeping my attention that is the problem.

For wisdom I refer to the most inspiring English teacher I've ever had. She always says, "There is no such thing as 'Common Sense'. If common sense were so common, then everyone would have it."

The world is beautiful, but dangerous. I see myself being reminded of that every day. I try to keep politics and negativity out of my personal life, but don't see that as an excuse to stay uninformed.

I have owned nearly every gaming console at one point. If not mine personally, then another member of my household had it in their possession. I am proud to say I have a younger brother who is currently obsessed with the first gen consoles. He was raised well.

Granted, my favorite consoles are between Play Station and Nintendo. I will forever love the Gamecube, and Sega Dream Cast will always have a special place in my heart. PCs are life. I'm in school for Software Engineering so I don't have much of a choice haha!

Online, I use to play Runscape, still play Minecraft (I have my own server), and others including Last Chaos at one time.

Currently playing FFXIV. You can find me on Sargatanas as Aryen Farore.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the rest of what FictionPress has to offer and check out Fanfiction if you haven't already! :D

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