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The Inn on Ravenna Road has been added to the Kindle store on Amazon. You know you want it on your Kindle to carry around everywhere! ; ) Click on this link to get it!

The Inn on Ravenna Road e-book

I know the cover kind of sucks. I could buy a pre-made cover but can't quite bring myself to spend the money. So for now, this one will do. If anyone is amazing with Photoshop and wants credit at the end of the book for the cover, feel free to PM me. :)

I've now uploaded Both Sides Now to Wattpad! You can find it from my profile here:

Cooler by the Water is also on WP under the name "Like a Rolling Stone."

May, 2012

You might notice that the majority of my stories have been removed. I've done this because I've been contacted by several people wanting to buy the rights to them - and while I don't begrudge those people the right to sift through online fiction trying to find decent authors, I am not quite willing to give up the rights to my own hard work. Maybe I will regret that if I ever try to self-publish because I won't make a red cent, but if anyone isn't going to make a red cent on my writing, it's going to be me!

So, until Fictionpress can come up with a way to let us SAFELY post our writing without the possibility of someone simply cutting and pasting, I'm afraid I'm going to take them down. If you're signed up for alerts on any of my stories, I'll definitely let you know if I've posted it elsewhere or if I've self-published it somewhere. Right now I'm really busy in my real life, but you never know. I'm really going to try.

That said, I cannot even say how much I've appreciated all the kind words from all of you here over the years. Thank you so much.

Much love,


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