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Hey peoples!

The name's Kirs, and make sure that you read and review my stories!!

A few things you probably would like to know about me...

1) I love writing, music, screenwriting, Damon Salvatore...

2) My all-time favorite band is My Chemical Romance

3) My best friends that are from Fanfiction are Kate (Twilightnite), Stardrop55, sugarmonkey778, FimbulvetrIce, and Peace in Twilight (Real life, people!)

4) My favorite class in school is English, and my least favorite class in school is Spanish

5) The people that inspired a bunch of my writings are Stephenie Meyer, Rachel Caine, and JK Rowling

6) Um...drawing a blank here...

7) My favorite manga/anime is Vampire Knight, and my favorite character is Zero

8) My favorite colors are red, black, and dark blue, and my least favorite color is pink

9) Two of my friends want to become dictators

10) My favorite shoe: my black All Stars

11) I LOVE Italian food

12) I play the cello in the school's orchestra

Quotes...why not?

-In Abercrombie and Fitch-
"There are naked people on the wall." ~ Kate

"People are probably wondering, 'wow those are really weird girls making really strange noises'. But then again, we're young, so it's legal." ~ Kate

"Wanna blow some people up?" ~ Kate


"Can we turn off the talking phones please?" ~ Spanish teacher

-Watching 'Toy Story 2' in Spanish class-
"Wait a minute, why is it in Spanish?" ~ Amber

Me: ...and Salty was in my dream.
Molly: Was he wearing his tighty-whities?
Me: Yes, as a matter of fact.
Molly: ONLY his tighty whities?
Me: That's disgusting, Molly, no. He was wearing them over his tights.

Molly: So...where are we? Rabies?
Me: Um...(having heard something completely different) They are not there yet, Molly.
Molly: (catching my drift) Of course they're not there yet, they still hate each other! We gotta make them love each other!
Hannah: Not...always.
Me: But then, that would be rape, Hannah...and we don't want Yvan's nightmare to come true, now do we?

Molly: He got shot...repeatedly, beat up, logged, ran over by a car...
Me: Wait, Damon got ran over by a car?
Molly: That's our theory, remember?