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Hi, everyone! I'm Cari Barrymore! You may know me as Bridgette Barrymore's cousin. Like our original account on under her name, we are also sharing this account. But this time, I rule this account more!


BTW, my cousin and I L.O.V.E. the Harry Potter Series!!

Name: Carina Megan Barrymore

Here are our favorite couples:

Harry Potter

-Harry James Potter/Carina Calleigh "Cari" Barrymore

-Percival Ignatius "Percy" Weasley/Ariella Anabelle "Arie" Barrymore

-Oliver Wood/Bridgette Belinda "Bridge" Barrymore

-Adrian Pucey/Bridgette Belinda "Bridge" Barrymore

-Terrence Higgs/Bridgette Belinda "Bridge" Barrymore

-Ronald Bilius "Ron" Weasley/Hermione Jean Granger

-Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood

-George Weasley/Katie Bell

-Remus John "Moony" Lupin/Nymphadora "Dora" Tonks

-James "Prongs" Potter I/Lily Potter I

Thoughts: Cari, Arie and Bridge all are OCs. See, I didn't really like who they were paired up with which was mainly Harry/Ginny (I find her kind of a...slut now), Harry/Cho (I hate Cho!), Harry/Hermione (Ron/Hermione is my OTP) Draco/Hermione (Ron/Hermione forever), Neville/Ginny (I only liked them coz of the Yule Ball), Neville/Hannah (Neville/Luna is forever), Ron/Lavander (Seriously?!), Cormac/Hermione (Ugh), Harry/Draco (not a fan of slash), George/Angelina (I prefer Fred/Angelina), Percy/Penelope (I didn't quite like her), Percy/Audrey (they didn't say anything about her for me to like them together), Percy/Oliver (WTF?), Flint/Oliver (Seriously?!), Oliver/Harry (they so don't fit) and Oliver/Katie (I resent this pairing so much).

I have so much more Harry Potter couples but those are my OTPs. I don't care if you don't agree with me.

Love Is Right Next to You

-Sean Hunter Allen/Bridgette Belinda "Bridge" Barrymore

-Daniel James Piqued/Carina Calleigh "Cari" Barrymore

-Christopher Schuylar "Sky" Ogilvy/Ariella Anabelle "Arie" Barrymore

-Katherine Sydney "Kat" Acres/Bridgette Belinda "Bridge" Barrymore

-Cassandra Kendrix "Ken" Everwood/Bridgette Belinda "Bridge" Barrymore

-Jennifer Leia "Jenny" Allen/Bridgette Belinda "Bridge" Barrymore

-Robert Adrian "Bobby" Jenkins/Bridgette Belinda "Bridge" Barrymore

-Adam Sean Allen/Katherine Paige Allen

-Garret Nikolai "Gar-Gar" Madison/Bridgette Belinda "Bridge" Barrymore

-Fredward Nicholas "Lassie" Madison/Bridgette Belinda "Bridge" Barrymore

Thoughts: It's an original story I'm working on. It's really nice except it has mature/sexual scenes that I find quite enjoyable to make because it makes my cousin, Bridge, get all flushed, embarassed and such since the story fouces on her, =)). I L.O.V.E. the Hunter/Bridge pairing because I L.O.V.E. Hunter's aggressiveness and Bridge's hard to get personality, ;). The names I made are not based on anyone. I just thought of those names.

Abduction: A Matter of Trust

-Jason Lee Scott/Amelia "Emily" Winston (first & last names are made up)

-Zack Taylor/Trini Kwan

-William "Billy" Cranston/Kimberly Ann "Kim" Hart

-Thomas "Tommy" Oliver/Hayley Ziktor

-Rocky DeSantos/Aisha Campbell

-Adam Park/Katherine "Kat" Hillard


-Shawn Richmore (last name is made up)/Tanya Sloan

-Justin Stewart/Jordyn Juniper "Jor" Barrymore (OC)

-Theodore Jay "TJ" Jarvis Johnson/Ashley Hammond

-Carlos Vallerte/Idina Kilbourne (OC)

-Andros Zill (last name is made up)/Felicia Freya "Fifi" Barrymore (OC)

-Zhane Ash (last name is made up)/Cassie Chan

-Leo Corbett/Karone Zill (last name is made up)

-Damon Henderson/Maya Zephyr

-Kai Chen/Kendrix Morgan

-Mike Corbett/Haley Willows (last name is made up)

-Carter Grayson/Dana Mitchell

-Chad Lee/Kelsey Winslow

-Joel Rawlings/Angela Fairweather

-Ryan Mitchell/Genevieve Graciela "Genay" Barrymore (OC)

-Wesley "Wes" Collins/Jennifer "Jen" Scotts

-Lucas Kendall/Katie Walker

-Trip Regis/Hailee Hillary "Hei" Barrymore (OC)

-Eric Myers/Taylor Earhardt

-Alex Drake/Brooke Enrile (OC)

-Cole Evans/Alyssa Enrile

-Max Cooper/Nadira Wentworth (last name is made up)

-Danny Delgado/Kendall Morrisson (last name is made up)

-Merrick Baliton/Shayla Morrisson (last name is made up)

-Shane Clarke/Kapri Watanabe (last name is made up)

-Waldo "Dustin" Brooks/Marah Watanabe (last name is made up)

-Cameron "Cam" Watanabe/Tori Hanson

-Hunter Bradley/Kelly Holloway

-Blake Bradley/Jessica "Jesse" Hanson (OC)

-Conner McKnight/Krista Lane (last name is made up)

-Ethan James/Angela Drake (last name is made up)

-Trent Fernandez/Kira Ford

-Jack Landors/Ally Samuels

-Schuylar "Sky" Tate/Elizabeth "Z" Delgado

-Bridge Carson/Sydney "Syd" Drew

-Samuel "Sam" Parr (last name is made up)/Serah Merina Lora "Nova" Smithson (first & last names are made up)

-Commander Anubus Doggie Cruger/Dr. Katherine "Kat" Manx

-Kelson Boom (first name made up)/Kayla Strongford (OC)


-Clifford "Cliff" Jones/Charlene "Charlie" Haywood

-Ivan Lane/Rachel Motohime

-Nick Russell/Clare Langtree

-Charlie "Chip" Thorn/Vida "V" Rocca

-Xander Bly/Madison "Maddie" Rocca


-Daggeron/Karis (OC)

-Phineas Troblin (last name made up)/Leelee Pimvare

-Toby Slambrook/Nikki Pimvare

-Mackenzie "Mack" Hartford/Rose Ortiz

-William "Will" Aston/Veronica "Ronny" Robinson

-Dax Lo/Iliana Iyanna "Ili" Barrymore(OC)

-Tyzon Hartford (last name is made up)/Vella Hartford (last name is made up)

-Casey Rhodes/ Deandra Deana "D.D." Barrymore(OC)

-Theo Martin/Lily Chillman

-Robert "RJ" James/Eryn Evangeline "Ereline" Barrymore (OC)

-Domnic "Dom" Hargan/Fran Newtman (last name is made up)

-Scott Truman/Tenaya Ewing (last name is made up)

-Flynn MacAllistair/Summer Landsdown

-Dillon Ewing (last name is made up)/Margaret Robinson (OC)

-Ziggy Grover/Dr. Kaye "K" Ewing (first & last name are made up)

-Harry James Potter/Carina Calleigh "Cari" Barrymore (OC)

-Percival Ignatius "Percy" Weasley/Ariella Annabelle "Arie" Barrymore (OC)

-Oliver Wood/Bridgette Belinda "Bridge" Barrymore (OC)

Thoughts: A Power Rangers/Harry Potter corssover. So, basically, the characters mentioned (and a few more others, I guess) are abducted and they find out that the one who abducted them is one of them so they can't really trust anyone. Then, there's romance, trust, betrayal, friendship...yes...I have a story for each and everyone of them already, so, since it's a fanfic, I can do whatever, deal with it. And...hmm...let's see...I'm looking for names for their children...we'll see...I've already gotten for the Harry Potter parts, but for Power Rangers...we'll have to see...for my summary, I still have to think about it...


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