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Hey people! Love to write stories. Most of them are historical fictions. I love writing about people in past eras. I have a fanfiction account also: Always welcome reviews. The timeline that follows below are all the updates. Now it's most recent entry first and gets older as it goes down.


11/24 Yeah it's been a while. I got so busy with my schooling and then my career that unfortunately my side passion of writing was pushed to the side. I wasn't happy with an event that happened in ch 18, so I edited it out, changed things up and there were snowballs from that event in the later chapters, so I've edited and updated chapters 18-23. I'm hoping to finish Rain this year, but I'm not sure if I will. I have a handful of chapters to write yet. I just finished writing ch 26 the other day and am about 1/2 way through 27 I think. I hope it won't be three years until my next fictionpress update again. Yikes.


7/6 Uploaded Rain's chapter 23, the story is winding down and I am both excited and a bit nervous for the end. I've been working on this story so long, I haven't even given much time to think about what story to write next...

6/30 Uploaded Rain's chapter 22. One of my favorite chapters -hugs chapter- You all have to thank @crys314 for pestering me to post it : )

6/11 Uploaded Rain's Chapter 21, enjoy! Forewarn: when I first finished chapter 22 (yes, I haven't posted it yet, but will soon) I said it was my favorite. I hope you guys will share my love for that chapter!

6/7 Yes. I deleted my "fair" series. Fairwinds/Fairtides/Fairlead/Fairgame/Fairwell because even though they were mature first efforts, they were exactly that: a first effort. I started writing Fairwinds my freshman year in high school with my only reader being my best friend at the time. This series kept me busy during my down time throughout high school and (call me a Nerd if you will) I loved the research I had to do to make this story set in the period it is, work. I still love the characters, but some of them were just shallow and not fully-rounded characters. As of this moment, I do plan to go back to these stories. After all (though I don't remember which one anymore) I had already trashed one of these stories, keeping only one scene intact. If I did it once, I can do it again! In the mean time, I do plan on finishing Rain first. I was totalling up the word count from my edited chapters on my -sacred- flashdrive and after chapter 22, it's up to 97,109 words. WOW! It's amazing how a story like that can just start with a friend playing Sims and my Sims person writing a book in the game. We picked five words: Thunderstorm, Soccer, Romance, UFO and Ghost and it evolved from there. Though UFO is just the name of the bar the 2 main characters meet in and Ghost is relative - Her deceased love is ghosting in her mind when we first meet her, the other three words are heavier in the story. Hopefully I'll update soon!

have been doing massive amounts of editing now that the semester is over and I completely trashed chapter 3 (except for a main idea and maybe a page or 2) and rewrote it. So as of right now I've replaced the content with the edited bits through chapter 9. Enjoy!

1/15 haven't updated for a long time. Updated Like The Rain a few days ago, adding chapter 20. Chapter 21 is in the care of the Betas and I've actually just finished chapter 22 - it's hot off the press! haha. Will send chapter 22 to the betas when they send me chapter 21 back. Will get them all posted here as soon as i can.


8/18 haven't uploaded anything for a i uploaded chapters 8-10 of Fairwell...only chapter 11 and the epilogue left to upload then i'm done uploading all that. LTR is a much better story and atm i don't have any plans for a sequel. Haven't gotten 20 back from the betas yet, but i haven't really been working on ch 21. Had a summer class that was crazy filled with information and my grade in that class determined whether or not i'd be slaving in fall in my core-classes, but i passed so that means i go from school 3days a week, to Monday-friday again. heavy sigh Not looking forward to the work load of hw and studying, but hey, i picked the program. Anyways, ranting over...The day's just begun and i think i will work on LTR today.

7/12 epic fail. Haven't updated anything for several months. Finished chapter 20 of LTR last night and sent that to the betas so whenever they get that back to me I can post it. Speaking of posting, time to post a few more chapters of Fairwell, cuz i've been such a slacker. I re-read the entirety of LTR when summer began so I would remember where I left off and where I had yet to go and I did get a few more ideas, but I still only have through chapter 23 planned. There needs to be at least 30 chapters for me to be satisfied with the length, considering i consider ch 18 the turning point of the story. This is my last week of slaving all day and all night at 2 diff jobs and i have a little bit of "vaca" even tho i'll still b working 1 job. I guess I'll stop making excuses now and get back to ch 21 and uploading stuffffff...

4/20 super fail. dont think i've updated anything for a month...woops. uploading the next chapter of Fairwell AND - get this - LIKE THE RAIN! WOOOOOT got it back from the betas so it s/b all good. ch 20 has been taking waaay too long to finish. Been working on THAT since february too. Counting down until the end of the semester so i can devote more time to my stories.

3/19 sorry again for the late update...uploaded 2 chapters of Fairwell to make it up to you all. Just the weekend left before spring break is over...sad panda...but I did get a scene of ch 20 for LTR done so yay! got some more planning done and found a page of handwritten notes that I never added on to my digital copy. Once I'm done w/ my term papers I will have much more time to work on my stories. I seem to be holding working on my stories for ransom until I finish my term papers...sad pandas all around... Hope to finish with 20 soon then have to run it through the betas. Hopefully I'll finish 20 while they're both on their spring breaks...

3/12 sorry guys, couldn't update yesterday. by the time i realized it was Thursday and i hadn't uploaded any of my fair series, FP wouldn't let me log on...guess the site was down. Fairgame is complete and now all that is left is Fairwell...the final book of the series which only has 11 chapters and an epilogue. Don't have any plans for another book/a spin off with essentially the same characters but the next generation or w/e...will have to think that one thru...Sorry guys, i don't have any Rain for you next week...working on those blasted Term papers cuz the semester is 1/2 over already and i haven't started them yet...-sadness-. Back to story news - I have started ch 20 for Rain, but i messed up the time line and everything so i had to seriously edit it before i could write other scenes in the chapter. I have about 4 single spaced MS Word pages. There's 3 scenes i haven't even started and 2 scenes partially done and only 1 scene finished. Hope to at least get SOMETHING done during spring break on 20.

2/18 yuppers, it's thursday so uploaded another double chapter of fairgame (ch 12 & 13) cuz 12 was under 1,000 words...also updating ch 18 of Like the Rain which my betas and I all agree that its the climax of LTR, but I've just started writing ch 20, so I promise that as soon as i finish writing the next chapters and send them thru my betas i will not hesitate or wait to post them here. Sorry guys, but school is time consuming and I've also got a job. I do what I can when i can.

2/14 wow, sorry for the late update of fairgame, guys. completely spaced. Uploaded chs 10 & 11. Been cramming on essays, but i guess excuses are lame. Update again on thursday and also chapter 18 of Like the Rain.

2/4 well the aforementioned internship didn't work out. No loss, I can always try later if i'm still up to it. Already finding it hard to find (or even make time) to work on LTR, so hate to bear bad news, but LTR might get uploaded in longer intervals soon. I'll keep writing and I figure I can get you through chapter 19 at the moment (just uploaded 17) and then whenever i get the chapters done and through my betas is when i'll post them.

1/21 uploaded 2 chapters of Fairgame (chapters 6 and 7) and it is the second thursday so Rain is being uploaded too. Sorry for the late update, i'm trying to get an internship up and running.

1/14 uploaded chapter 5 of Fairgame, sorry for posting such a small chapter last week, i didn't realize it was only some 700 words long. I would have posted a second chapter too last week...woopsies. There's a flashback in chapter five which is by far one of my favorite scenes ever!


12/31 happy new year...sorry for the late update...i know... epic fail. I know my excuses are lame. Still, happy new year and party hardy.

12/24 Happy update Thursday AND Xmas eve! Since Thursday is pulling double duty today, so am I. Uploaded ch 2 of Fairgame (book 4 of Fair series) and also chapter 14 of Like the Rain. Enjoy!! Update again in the new year.

12/17 Fairlead is all finished which means the first three books (of 5) are all finished and posted for your reading pleasure. 1st chapter of book 4 (Fairgame) is also posted. Someone fails to kill Jocelyn by sending her body overboard and she knows it's someone she was close to. Jocelyn joins a pirate crew determined to find a way to find out who betrayed her. New friends and foes are introduced. My favorite character makes an unexpected comeback.

11/26 happy turkey day, yes, it is four minutes into Turkey day otherwise known as update Thursdays. Since the day is pulling double duty as being Turkey day AND Thursday, I am pulling double duty with posting 2 chapters of Fairlead and also updating the second story that I am working on currently - Like the Rain. Feast. and enjoy.

10/30 sorry the update is a day late, fictionpress wouldn't let me on even the home page yesterday...fictionpress wasn't working...but apparently whatevr was wrong is all gone now so everything is updated (and it's all right this time b/c i was paying a lot more attention this time around)

10/18 sorry for the goof-up guys, i accidentally added chapter 8 of Fairtides as Like the Rain's chapter 8...woopsies...all fixed now! I'm pretty sure that just confused the heck out of you guys...I promise I will pay more attention next time...

10/12 so got some major inspiration this past friday (10/9) b/c beta #2 came over b/c we had a planned movie night (movie was good for a horror movie). She stayed the night and while we were contemplating turning out the lights, we had a major plotting session. So now Rain has through its 20th chapter planned, so Rain is definitely now a good length, and I'm not worried about it being too short anymore. I'd consider what happens in chapter 18 (don't quote me on this, my notes are not accessible atm) to be the story climax and beta #2 agrees. So there won't be any more technical problems with Rain, except for the fact I don't have as much time to write the chapters as I had hoped/do hope. If I get my chapter done before Thursday, you can expect an update. Don't be surprised if Rain begins to be updated every other Thursday. Fairlead will continue to be updated weekly on Thursdays.

10/8 sorry guys, document manager is down. will check in periodically to see when i can upload the finished chapters! LATER: Ok, so Fairtides is now completed and the first chapter of Fairlead is up and u can go read that. Will b putting a brief hiatus on Like the Rain because I don't have the chapters done...sorry guys! I know everyone says they're busy, but it's midterms atm so things r especially hectic! Will always keep Thursdays as update days.

9/27 just wow...chapter 9 is really hard compared to all the other Rain chapters...I'm fast running out of material I want to write in the story and I have a feeling Like the Rain won't be as long as I had hoped. - sad face - BUT on a lighter note, Fairtides only has 13 chapters and then I can go on to Fairlead which is the 3rd installment in the Fair series. Plot gets darker as we realize who the true villain is. mwhahaha

9/14 sorry about the few day lapse with the Fairtides update. I did update on Thursday, but I spaced and didn't add the documents to the chapter...oopsies...same with Like the Rain...sorry guys

8/27 yes, it's that time of year again. College started back up again and I'm taking Biochemistry (bah) which translates to 80:20 study time to write story time. Sleep is also included in the write story time...pretty much everything BUT studying is included. I'm gonna try to get Like the Rain posted ASAP, but no guarantees. Earlier in the summer I was writing ten page chapters (single spaced) in a day and now it takes me about a week-ish. Updates are on Thursdays because Thursdays are always happy. Ask mother nature for more rain because rain = inspiration.

8/21 sorry about the wait for the Fairtides update. Computer decided to catch a virus. Chapters 4 and 5 r now up so enjoy and R&R plz and ty!

8/1 Happy August! LOL. Fairwinds is all sorted out and finished. Fairtides is the sequel, but i'm sure you don't need to read Fairwinds to understand what goes on in Fairtides. Fairtides is up and ready to be read, and remember, comments = love - big grin -

7/27 sorry about the wait for Fairwinds ch 14 and 15...FP wouldn't let me upload my documents...some kind of error thats solved now, so go enjoy. 2 chapters left 2 post for Fairwinds then come back for the sequel Fairtides.

7/15 ooo new story: Like the Rain. based off a 5 word prompt: UFO, thunderstorms, soccer, romance and ghost. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Like the Rain reviews
Carys’ love of her life died four years ago. She’s set up on a blind date, he turns out to be a sweet guy who may help her get back in the rain with the help of the ghost of Liam that begins to visit Carys in her dreams.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 24 - Words: 110,090 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 8/12/2015 - Published: 7/15/2009
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