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Argh. I hate this small box :( But anyways! I've deleted my profile once again. Starting fresh. Try it, it's fun. So I'll give a little mini-explanation for each of the stories I have posted on here. First off - they're all mumbo-jumbo nonsense that I type up without really thinking. They're thoughts. Under-developed ideas. But hey, they're fun! So who cares. So, NUMBER 1: Bedtime Story This is the latest edition of Bananana's craziness. It's a fantasy story - moreso than the others - that was, for once, not thought of because of a dream. No, this story was inspired by ambition. Yes, ambition. This is one story that I really, really DO want to finish. Because, hey! It's gonna be the next Lord of the Rings. And yes, that is definitely an exaggeration. NUMBER 2: Eyes My least popular little thingy, I guess :( This one wasn't really a dream-inspired story, though (those are the weird ones that don't make sense). It's a short story, and it's about a visit to the very fake therapist. I have no real experience, so I just based the setting off of what I've read, and stuff. For this person who has an obsession with looking at eyes, and trying to find meaning in them. I thought it was meaningful, but I guess it could be interpreted differently. NUMBER 3: Ice Cream Sandwiches It's a sappy, 'cute' little story - once again, a oneshot - with two silly and in love skateboarders who visit the park with an ice-cream sandwich. Nothing much, but I guess some people liked it :P NUMBER 4: MººnStªR The title says it all! It's weird! It doesn't make sense! Hurray! This one is about a company that uses (get this, it seriously doesn't make sense AT ALL) deceased people (not like Abraham Lincoln OLD dead people) and people who have been in long comas's minds, and basically stick them into an MMORPG sort of setting - which, once again, doesn't make sense. Because the brain cells should be dead T.T This one is a little more Sci-Fi. But the company basically adopted an old gaming company, and used it to their advantage. The story revolves around the son of the maker of that company, who was the first to get stuck in the world . . . I think it was called Cascade Falls or something. My original plan was to make him become a sort of legendary figure in there - because you know all the advantages to being the first to play a game. You know where everything is, how everything works, and you've got the best stuff because you got it all first! Hah! With a little more work, and a little more making-sensing, this story could actually turn out to be something. NUMBER 5: True Gold Another craaazy one. This one didn't get very far at all. But it's people who have abilities (like super-powers, which is awesome) and are hunted down for it. The ones who are caught are either put to use for their gift - or else, they're put to use in a different way. Their blood basically contains the properties for the regular people to do awesome stuff with. I forgot what that was going to be, lol. But their blood is called 'true gold' because it's glittery and stuff, and though it's still red and warm and iron-y T.T it's just more . . . fantastical. Lol. And it's in huge demand. The story revolves around basically, a revolution of the true-gold people. The main characters are 1., a guy who got lucky when he was being hunted down as a kid, 2., his little unsympathetic and emotionless sister who was born after the incident (she's scary, she has no conscience!), and 3., a man who saved the number 1. character, and broke off of the 'regular people' club (he was working for them). That's as far as I got with it, though. Now, NUMBER 6: Twitter This is just a little something something for me. I spout out tons of emotions and words, you know? So it's a collection of my ramblings and ravings and anger and stuff :) Very confusing to read, but I personally like it. NUMBER 7: this is me A very aggressive sounding short poem-ish thing, that says 'hey, this is ME!" The inspirational, "be-your-own-person" poem-y thingy :D ANNNNNND that's it! Thanks for reading, I think o.o
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i am worthless; i have no value. you think that people's problems are mild but this is what they become in their minds.
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Oneshot. The waiting room. Sounds of fidgeting from the bruised eight year old across me...the sniffling of a woman in a corner. That boy there is angry. His eyes say so. And the woman is sad. I can see each of them from where I sit. We're all waiting...
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