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TV Seires I Rate: Doctor Who, Charmed (even though it concluded 3 years ago:(), Desperate Housewives (Aah! Edie's dead!! Well, urh, if you don't take into account the times she comes back as a "ghost" to haunt that Dave guys memory-), Britain's Got Talent, The Apprentice (considered joining the junior version of it, but thought hmm, maybe not such a good idea...), That show with Richard Hammond in it (no, not Top Gear...though that episode with McFly in it, so...sigh..) on Saturdays in Argentina whose name evades me, Heroes ( season one was GREAT!! The other seasons? Maybe not so much, the clincher was when Sylar turned out to by Angela's son or whatever but then you find out Angela's lying to get Sylar to murder "bad people" for her "company"), The X Factor (It's hilarious, but I actually feel nervous for every contestent that goes on!! People have DIED over this show...I'm sure...Somewhere...In the country...)

So you can see I don't like TV shows at all. lol.

Things I hate: I have several phobias but it isn't of the thing itself. Like I'm not scared (I'm not!!) of roller-coasters but I'm scared I might fall off it or something. And also I'm not scared of cramped, confined places itself but I HATE it when I'm squished against fifty people all at once. No joke, I actually fell into a guys lap once in the train and couldn't escape by going to the other end of the carriage because there was a bazillion other kids in there with me (all laughing at my misfortune, I might add) and I so I had to remain the remainder of the journey, standing right by his seat and trying not to let our eyes connect :( But it was funny looking back on it!! And I'm sure I have his number somewhere, lol

Also hate needless killing, or when I feel huger pangs. Snobby jerks or Brainless Twits. People who are INCREDIBLY prejudiced. And I'll add to this list, when I see fit XD

22.11.09- sorry guys for not updating A Dragon's Lust for so long. I'll tell you the reasons why when I update. Oh, and I'm not sure when I WILL update (most preferably in the next 6 months) but when I DO, I will post the next five chapters close together to make-up for going AWOL.

Thanks again and much love


Be My Valentine

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