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Author has written 4 stories for Fantasy, and Essay.

So far, my writing is basically fantasy. I am also quite pleased with how my essays are turning out. I read fantasy, SF, and often open a dictionary or encyclopedia just to see what turns up. I avoid historical fiction because I can seldom tell what is researched and what isn't.

Favorite Quotes:

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" --Arthur C. Clarke, Science Fiction author.

"The only way to define the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible" --Arthur C. Clarke

"There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere" --Isaac Asimov, diverse and prolific writer of science fiction and science nonfiction.

"Should you ever be drowned or hung, be sure to make a note of your sensations" --Edgar Allen Poe, prolific and groundbreaking writer (among other things, major contributions to what would eventually become the horror genre).

"We are here, and it is now. After that it tends toward guesswork." --Terry Pratchett, humor and satire writer.

“A good author possesses not only his own intellect, but also that of his friends.” --Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher

Some things I have to say:

"Yes, the rules are there for a reason, but you're missing the point. The point is that every rule has a reason behind it, and knowing the reason is in most cases more important than knowing the rule. That way you know how closely you need to follow it."

"Power corrupts, and he who seeks power is already corrupted."

"Men are not created equal; only machines and their parts are created equal, and humans are neither. Or at least they shouldn't be."

"Greed is not a vice to be punished, but a force to be channeled:
used well, it will benefit the greedy and also everyone else;
used badly, it will be instead at the expense of everyone else.
Our goal should be to use it well, and help others to do the same."

"If at first you make a mistake, make it look like that’s what you wanted to happen."

Current Stories (in order of how much I recommend them)

A Beginner's Guide to Magic--Magic is the single, distinguishing, vital element of fantasy. Here is some advice, tips, and questions to think about as an author goes about this vital aspect of building his or her world.

What do You Want?--Here I express my views on life: Nothing will come without effort. Effort will not come without direction. Direction will not come without a firm desire and goal. “What do you want?” “What do you need to gather in order to get it?” These two questions guide my thinking and my life.

Heroes: Servants of Death--A new world I am experimenting with; the mentor/starts the plot moving character here is, as the name implies, the Grim Reaper—Death himself, called in this world Thanatos. The main characters are four teenagers from Earth that get transported into the fantasy world. (Important safety tip: do not play with magic without competent wizard supervision). This one looks like it will turn into a full-size novel. This one is currently on hiatus; when it starts up again, I think it will be one chapter every other week.

Thasha the Huntress This is a set of semi-connected, reasonably stand-alone short stories. I think I've written myself into a hole with this protagonist, but comments are welcome anyway. In other words, I think my reasons for putting it on the bottom are good ones. Here is the "chapter" list:

The Bow of Eloris—Thasha's first adventure in the Keldran Forest. Prequel to Dagger of Aarlakai. I think this one is done, but it will necessitate overhauls of the three others. It will become chapter 1 when this process is complete, and the stories above will each get bumped a slot.

The Dagger of Aarlakai—Enter Thasha Swordbow, a half-elf huntress who finds a strange message and abruptly finds that she is one of the most powerful assassins in Selvaris. (hopefully in final version). This is chapter two of Thasha the Huntress.

The Training of Ithatas—Enter Ithatas Fourblades, a bipedal insect creature about the size of a human, but with four arms, that is given to Thasha to train. (not in final version). This is chapter three of Thasha the Huntress.

The Agents of Araell—A fight while Ithatas and Thasha are hunting together leads to Thasha's third adventure, Ithatas's second with her. (complete but not in final version). This is chapter four of Thasha the Huntress.

Coming Soon

The Traveler--A young man wakes up to find himself covered with blood and in the center of a circle of fire pits. He quickly concludes that he just got pulled somewhere by a botched demon summoning, and is severely irked to find that the botch caused him to leave his memory behind. He bumbles his way along from there.

Line of Fire--The main character here is a human "cursed" with immortality. A few centuries (and a few burnings at the stake for witchcraft) later, he is establishing yet another new identity, starting as a college student.

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A Beginner's Guide to Magic reviews
Magic is the key to the fantasy genre. Here are some notes, tips, and guidelines for most details that a fantasy author requires as he or she goes about this vital aspect of building the world as a real-seeming place.
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What do You Want?
My sage advice and philosophy of life.
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