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Author has written 4 stories for Supernatural, Historical, and Fantasy.

Name: Maddie Rose.

Age: 19 years old

So I love writing. Like really love. I do it way more than I should and I think it's evidenced in my stories. So these are a few things I've written so far.

I return all reviews - if you review something of mine I'd be more than happy to look at and comment on something of yours!


Temptation (Book 1 in the House of Cards Trilogy) - rated M
Supernatual thriller
Welcome to Morleigh, Oregon. Senior year is beginning at the prestigious private school, Caprus College. For one small group of friends, everything is about to change. People start acting strangely and for Declan and Gabriel, two average guys at Caprus, time may be running out. For there is a dark and ancient power connecting seven of Morleigh’s residents, and not a power that can be used for good. For this is a power that stems from temptation, from sin itself. And the closer Declan and Gabriel get to two particular girls, the darker and more complicated things seem to become…
Characters: {Callie Price} {Blake Remington} {Eve Bennett} {Aidan Carter} {Lucian Delisle} {Kiara Holden} {Finn Ridley}


Ace of Spades (Book 1 in the City of Wonder Trilogy)
High fantasy
Alix is content with her little job at the Three Wise Men, away from the political warfare between the Heart, Spade, Club and Diamond sectors. Yet when a mysterious man saves her life, Alix is whisked away on an adventure more dangerous than she could ever have imagined. Things are not well in the City. Teenage Ruby Thorn struggles with her position as Queen of Hearts. Tensions between the four ruling houses are higher than ever, and in the darkened streets, a lethal assassin known only as The Cat looms ever closer. If Alix is to understand, she must first accept what is her destiny.
Characters: {Alix} {M Hatter} {Ruby Thorn} {Chess Shire} {Ivory Lepus} {Zammiel Darke} {Adrian Darke}


Concrete Hearts (Book 1 in the Flagrante Delicto Trilogy) - rated M
Court drama
Princess Merridy Dolorin finds herself a prisoner in her political marriage to cruel and ambitious Lord Dommiel Rhindal. Her greatest desire is to deny him the son he so covets - but there are far more serious problems in the court of Chattel. A shadow of a bloodstained past lingers in the dark halls, and Merridy fears for the life of her brother, King Farlan. As shocking secrets are brought to light, all of them will learn what price one must pay in redemption for the sins of the past.
Characters: {Farlan Dolorin} {Chalix Dolorin} {Merridy Dolorin} {Jupiter Dolorin} {Dommiel Rhindal} {Arilyn Rhindal}

Catharsis (Book 1 in the Sept Trilogy)
Science fiction
The commencement of the Seven Trials is once again at hand. Every three years, the most promising candidate from each of the Seven Sectors is chosen to become the next member of the Sept, a council of seven who governs them. The death rate is 100%, meaning the current Sept has ruled for twenty-four years uninterrupted, since the Trials began. Yet this year is going to be different. This year, a horrifying secret will be exposed, and everyone will be forced to question the truth about the Seven Trials...and the Sept that rules them.
Characters: {Elethea} {Peregrine} {Rayna} {Ambrosias} {Glory} {Saturn} {Drako}

Spark (Book 1 in The Chronicles of the Burning)
High fantasy
The Burning: an event that none in the kingdom of Kapatra will ever forget. Those with magic, or Talent, in their veins were killed by the flames of the Queen’s hatred, but one vowed revenge, bestowing a terrible curse upon Queen Miraxia and her throne. Unable to have children, the Queen falls ill due to a taint in the blood – and her death plunges Kapatra into chaos.
There is confusion as to who should succeed Miraxia – her youngest brother Lewen, or the oldest son of their middle brother, her nephew Ezekiel. The entirety of the kingdom is subject to their ambitious schemes, their skirmishes, and the threat of an oncoming war. Yet both Lewen and Ezekiel have deadly secrets that they will do anything to keep hidden.
Yet there are others caught up in this battle for power – others struggling to come to terms with Talents that could see them make or break a kingdom. Rowan, a radical rebel leader, and his younger brother Lincoln. Sharn, the widow of a valiant knight. Onyx, the daughter of a powerful nobleman. But what is the cost of one man prevailing over another, and what consequences could this have for the Talented?
Characters: {Rowan Carlyle} {Lincoln Carlyle} {Sharn Theus} {Onyx Delcoray} {Ezekiel Zin} {Mark Seville}


The Last Horizon
Science fiction
In an overpopulated world struggling with numbers, there are Premiums and Commons. Thaniel Capricorn is a Premium, living a life of luxury in the house of his politically powerful father. Cobalt "Coby" Derringer is a Common, who could face the Annihilation at any time. Two worlds collide when Coby hesitates when sent to assassinate Thaniel's father, leading to her own capture. Yet Coby learns, as her Annihilation approaches, that not all Premiums are bad - and Thaniel begins to question his own beliefs of Commons, and justice.
Characters: {Thaniel Capricorn} {Cobalt Derringer} {Maxwell Capricorn} {Lewin Capricorn}

Welcome to the 1920s - or rather, Prohibition in America. World War I has just concluded and all anyone wants to do is party. Among the chaos, four friends attempt to make their destinies. Tallulah "Lulu" Anders is determined to become the next big thing on Broadway, but she's content starting off as a small-town showgirl. Jamie Tolburn becomes mixed up in the bootlegging business. Chloe Kingsley has always been the most daring one, and embarks on the dangerous task of becoming a barnstormer. But the last friend, Rob Donovan, finds himself in a high-paying that might mean devastation for his friends. For what's truly more important - justice, or friendship?
Characters: {Rob Donovan} {Chloe Kingsley} {Tallulah Anders} {Jamie Tolburn}

Science fiction
Seph Carlton wakes up to find herself having crashlanded on the remote planet of Tartarus. With no memories and her only clue to what happened being the ship's visual log, Seph decides to find the rest of the lost crew of Solarium... if they're alive. Yet the closer Seph comes to finding out what happened, the more she realises the truth: she wasn't mean to survive the crash.
Characters: {Seph Carlton} {Cassan Reel} {Dana West} {Kyron Baxter}

Detonate (Book 1 in the Europa Colony Trilogy)
Science fiction
Chandra Levinsky is a Colonist, who like all others fleeing from an overpopulated Earth, has had her memory wiped before joining the Colony on Europa. Initially put into Agriculture, the fiery Chandra is quickly transferred into Military. Yet dissent does not only come from within - on a chance encounter past the boundary, Chandra encounters the strange and gifted Rymner. Upon discovering that Rymner is not completely human, Chandra begins to unravel a horrific truth trapped beneath almost a century of lies, deceit and memory wipes. What is the Colony? And is too late to redeem it?
Characters: {Chandra Levinsky} {Rymner} {Malcolm Idris}

After a war lasting half a century, the kingdom of Aerith has triumphed over the fallen realm of Valerian. Ilyana is a Valer taken as a pet to Aerith when she is a child. Full of resentment and fire, Ilyana grows up with a quick temper and a hard heart. That is until she meets Corinth, a young Aerithian man fascinated by the feisty girl with the amber eyes. Will Ilyana live out her days at her captor's mercy? Is there hope for Valer and Aerith, or is her dream of freedom nothing more than a figment of imagination?

Characters: {Ilyana} {Corinth} {Vesper}

After a car accident that has impacted heavily upon her mind, law student Ivy Davis moves back to her childhood hometown of Charcoal Valley. Striking up an unlikely friendship with English teacher and widower Lachlan Matheson, and forms a strange bond with his two children. But Ivy's got a secret - she can see ghosts, and they haunt her day and night from the town graveyard. Then the murders start in Charcoal Valley, and Lachlan and Ivy must team up to try and discover the truth. Ivy's ability to speak with the dead might be their only hope - unless the murderer gets to her first.

Characters: {Ivy Davis} {Lachlan Matheson} {Kennedy Matheson} {Jorjah Matheson}

Chess Pieces
Rose Meridian had the perfect life. Perfect boyfriend, perfect friends, perfect job. But everything changed at a wild party where Rose’s friend Phoebe Carmichael was shot dead in front of her. With one of her friends frequently seeing a psychologist for help, and the other diving deeper into clubs and drugs to distance herself, it seems it’s only Rose who thinks it’s time for things in Lewen City to change. Seemingly unaffected by the tragedy that has swept into their lives, Rose secretly become the fearless, masked hero known as Ace. Another trick up her sleeve? Ace is a man. With more enemies in Lewen City than Rose thought she would have to contend with, can she not only keep her identity concealed, but also her gender?

Characters: {Rose Meridian/Ace} {Cael Cassidy} {Bryce Daniels/Deuce} {Delaney Cassidy}

Poison (Book 1 in the Contamination Chronicles)
Science fiction
In a society where you are either a Rudimentary or an Elemental, Holly Elliott fits neither. She is a poison, addictive in often dangerous ways. Labelled an outcast, Holly slots in with the small ragtag group of Misfits, immediately making an enemy of Theodore Rune, who despises the nature of her ability. But Holly discovers that there is much more at stake, especially with the Rudimentaries and the Elementals on the brink of a war in which the Misfits may be the deciding factor...

Characters: {Holly Elliott} {Theodore Rune}

Requiem (Book 1 in the Double Crossed Trilogy)
Science Fiction
Chrysalis Verdant was a normal young woman, until everything and everyone she loves was painfully snatched from her. Three years later, Chrys is one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the Galactic Circuit. She shows no mercy, she does not hesitate. But then Chrys is offered a job to apprehend a criminal and rescue a lost prince, which sounds simple at first. But the deeper Chrys delves into the inner workings of the Domain, the more she realises something isn't quite right about her latest job. As horrific secrets come to light, Chrys's own haunting past will rise up to shadow her once more.

Characters: {Chrysalis Verdant} {Lyric Nyxon} {Kael Ryme} {Saran Silver}

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Flagrante Delicto reviews
Princess Merridy Dolorin finds herself a prisoner in her political marriage to cruel and ambitious Lord Dommiel Rhindal. Yet with her brother Chalix's lethal secret and her scheming cousin Jupiter's plots to take the throne, Merridy finds herself playing on desire to find the answers she seeks. Can she save the King? Can she save herself? NON-CON. REVIEWS RETURNED
Fiction: Historical - Rated: M - English - Drama/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 787 - Reviews: 107 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 27 - Updated: 11/22/2013 - Published: 1/30/2013
Temptation reviews
Callie Price craved something new. Caprus Academy is different - but in ways that creep her out. She's starting to change, too - but her newfound powers are dark, frightening. Then there's the secret that she and her stepbrother, Blake Remington, are struggling to keep hidden. The closer Callie comes to finding out the truth, the more she wants to run...REVIEWS RETURNED.
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Ace of Spades reviews
Things are not well in the City. Ruby Thorn struggles as the teenage Queen of Hearts. Prince Adrian Darke of Spades plots revolution. A lethal assassin known only as The Cat looms ever closer. Tensions between the four ruling houses are higher than ever. A young girl named Alix must accept her destiny - and her frightening powers - if they are to prevent war. REVIEWS RETURNED.
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Wild Hearts reviews
After being bitten by a vampire, Isarna Patterson is sent to stay with the enigmatic Harley Garou, for her own protection. Yet there are things people aren't telling her. How is her blood addictive? Why can't she tell lies? Then there's Orion Sanguini, the vampire who bit her, who's interested in more than just Isarna's blood...and determined to make her his. REVIEWS RETURNED.
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