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I'm not a prolific writer.

Yes, yes I typed it, I don't like writing! I'm more of a visual artist like person of sorts of the pottery persuasion and so I look at writing as something to vent with until I get a kiln and wheel of my own. So there, take it, take it and like it! I don't claim to be a professional writer so if you ever have any shit to spew go right ahead and swallow that crap back down your throat and taste it's chummy after flavor-- I'm all for frank criticism but trying to give me the Nth degree when you yourself fall victim to your own 'rules of writing' will make me hunt you down and do bad, bad things, like hug you and you, my dear weak minded friend, do not, I repeat do NOT want that!

My writings are for the most part either horror or suspense...lil bit of drama llama, just a lil bit. I enjoy a faster paced read with more emphasis on plot and story building over description of setting because I admit and accept that most readers attribute their own associations and idiosyncrasies in determining setting and surroundings so why fight it, I've got a story to tell!

A note about my reviews: Yes, I review line by line. Yes, I am harder than nipples in winter. Yes, if it's found wanting I will let you know. It's called critique and it happens in the real world kiddos, especially in the arts...so take it and defend your work. If you don't want to defend it, don't publish it.

Another note about my reviews: I'm going to start using a numbering system or issues, followed by a numbered system of suggestions and advice. Frankly, I'm tired of being wordy about how I "think" things might be improved. It's going to sound harsher but trust me, I'm being direct and we ALL need direct criticism these days.

Mid-Nite Thoughts: July--2009 (These are not happy thoughts...boo, no flying like Peter Pan for me.)

1.) So I would assume that there are people out there who hate me for insisting they develop their talent... my bad, next time I'll just let you put whatever you want out there for the whole world to read and then the ENTIRE world can see how much you need practice and refinement.

2.) I would never put anything out that I didn't 100 percent believe in. It's called integrity. If I let anything be published that was less than perfect, I'd be doing a disservice to everyone.

3.) When you put out crap, you are sending a message to your peers and to those who will follow you that it's ok to be terrible and distasteful and ignorant...keep in mind that you, as a writer, can affect thousands with your words--no pressure, no pressure.

4.) If I'm a snobbish, close-minded elitist then so be it. I'd rather have everyone think that I'm a horrible person and produce decent work than be loved by everyone and produce work that rivals that of a third-grader.

5.) You dang well know who you are. I'm not going to parlay politely at this point-- I never spoke ill of you, I just said you needed work and that we disagreed on some standards... way to use the cap-lock instead of meaningful words... way to pass judgement instead of accepting that we are two different people...

6.) Just because someone thinks anything can be art, doesn't make them, or the work they spew out when they can't express themselves effectively, an artist.

7.) I'm sorry. I'm sorry that other people have to read this but apparently it's going to be expressed out in poetry soon enough so I think my side needs to be somewhere so that I'm not left unrepresented in this amazing, budding bulb of bull's feces.


I've been bogged down with my factory job and with paper work and medical bills... I apologize for not updating my stories but I've been running on creative empty and with no caffeine to fuel me, I'm afraid the whole world has suffered.

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