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Name: Ketia Tsuki (The Real Name is Ashley Though)
Gender: Female
Age: 19 (Sophomore in College)
Live in: United States, MO
Genre: Fantasy & Fiction
Writer since: 2004, Age 13

UPDATE (Dec. 12/10)
Three years I have been gone from fanfiction ... but now I am back. I am still only a Inuyasha/Wolf's Rain fan. None of this new Anime for me, sorry. Maybe some Naruto. Maybe. I am mostly working on 2 Inuyasha fanfictions along with a personal story of mine. I am a very busy person so it will be slowly updated. Thanks everyone!

Favorite Anime:
- Inuyasha. This is the only Anime I have ever truly gotten into. It sparked my love for writing, and drawing. One day I want to personally thank Rumiko Takahashi for creating this wonderful story.

Other Animes I watch/have watched before:
- Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Love Hina, Wolfs Rain

- Inuyasha, Love Hina. I don’t have any money right now so it is difficult to get into mangas. But soon I will have a job again and I can go buy more. I want to create my own manga at one point in my life if possible.

Favourite Books / Favourite Authors:
- The Sight/David Clement-Davies, Fell/David Clement-Davies, The Chronicles of Narnia/C.S.Lewis, The Dragon Riders of Pern/Anne McCaffery, Eragon & Eldest/Christopher Paolini, White Fang/Jack London (I love to read.)

My Hobbies:
-Drawing (Wolves and Anime), Writing (My Love and Future Career), Wolf Roleplaying, Watching/Reading Inuyasha (Okay so that’s not ‘really’ a hobby, but oh well!), Playing Soccer and Playing my Piccolo in the Marching Band!

Fav. Colour: Green/Orange
Fav. Number: 17
Fav. Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, III
Fav. Video Games: Okami & Guitar Hero II (I have a wireless guitar. It’s amazing.)
Fav. Authors: David Clement-Davies
Fav. Sports: Soccer (I have been playing for 11 years now) and Marching Band (YES that is very much well a sport.)
Fav. Animals: Wolves, Dragons and Foxes
Fav. Foods: Cheeseburgers and Tacos!
Fav. Beverage: Pepsi
Fav. TV shows: House
Fav. Words: Awkward, a lot.

Other Stuff:
- I don’t like people who say they hate people in the music programs
- I don’t like labels on People (Prep, Goth and so on)
- I like cheesecake more then the average person
- I love band with all my heart
- Christmas is my favorite holiday
- I don't believe in love anymore.


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